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So this is my 3rd mmj grow. Really a lot different than my stealth mode outdoor days in the last century. For one thing apparently I may have died and somehow ended up in heaven because mmj is legal and everyone in Oklahoma and their dog is smoking up! Kinda Wild West here now.
I have 2 big girls in the bloom room now for 3 weeks+. GSK & WW. Both are clones and they are coming along nicely. In the veg room I have 2 Amnesia Haze,2 Darth Vader, WW - all these are clones plus 3 Chemdog 91 from seed. Plus a few tiny new clones I made recently as I cleaned the low hanging branches from them.
I have SunSystem LEC +Led in the bloom room and in the veg all LED. Using botanicare in both rooms plus the big girls get Moab, rhino skin and molasses. I use well water because it’s decent, forest ocean soil, and I have them on 11/13 days. Lil girls 18/6. Watering/feeding schedule is f,w,skip and repeat. Ph runs at the low end. I’m at peace with that. 6.6. Each room has a dehumidifier and a fan temp is 74 days 70 night. I mainline, LST and top them . The goal is to produce more colas and to ensure they can hold the buds up in flower. I planted seeds the end of July and added clones a month later. Interesting thing- clones. No tap root.
But all my girls want big root balls and I think by Christmas we ought to be there. I’ll flip the first of the year. The big girls are looking fine for 3 weeks. I noticed their trichomes are developing. I included pics from today of the big girls, but since I worked on the lol girls tonight they aren’t as pretty as they normally are so that can wait. I’ll try to post them tomorrow.
I’ve been blessed not to have much trouble with my grows. I’ve got a basic idea what to do because I have a green thumb, the room and time. I still have so much that I want to learn. Just recently I had to take disability and so something that interests me helps to keep me busy. I live in the country and also just made a greenhouse out of a trampoline.
Guess that’s all for tonight. Peace
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