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I think I see where my confusion is coming, I thought you were the OP here and recommending people shop pinks for canna stocks. Either way you have a firm grasp of how it works and Im sure you do well with it often. The markets are the minds of the masses. If you are smarter/quicker/more intuitively than the masses and can sideline emotion and have liquidity to jump..... than you own it.
Until the correction.......

I will fully admit, truthfully, I have a knack for some mathematical things. I don't know why or how, I was just born with it. My senior year in high school I had already finished all my AP math courses. A bunch of us had. So they offered a college level trig or calculus class. I never even took home a book for homework. I just absorbed it. The only other thing that came naturally to me like that, was making people laugh.So, it may come easier to me than some.

My main point was day trading and investing are different. But any way you do's a very volatile biz. Most people I've met, have suffered terrible losses starting this game. Start with $15k-$25k and in 3 months people are cashing out with $3k. It's really not much different than a poker game. It's just what table you are comfortable sitting at.

Investing in cannabis stocks, is a long shot atm. So place your bets accordingly.

You have to plan in it not working out....whereas a lot of people "plan" on it working out, then they get in trouble.
Jasper Geist

Jasper Geist

Cannabis stocks are for shit, no serious investor would do anything but use coffee money on those stocks. Expect to lose your ass, pants and socks.

I agree. That's where you can find your profits. I just went looking into what stocks (and Why) the market is pushing. So much fertilizer out there ;) I've worn many hats in my time and I once was in this field (Finance). There's a goldmine to be found on options. Short these motherfuckers. Especially the Canadians. Been along time since I've been excited to see this douche field.


i hope they do not grow shit herb, why support that shit. hah.
good luck on your investment.
most of them grow shit herb and then irradiate it. I got a 1 gram preroll and it was strong but tasted like shit. IT was called laguna and it was supposed to be northern lights X blueberry.
It kind of tasted like an old ciggerette.

I tried a few varieties and they all make me happy i grow my own now and forevermore.

The stocks were very viable a couple of years ago. The problem now that I see is poorly managed indoor growing resulting in bad stock reactions....ummmm production was down due to spider mites (insert a host of shit that can happen when growing large scale with limited experience). I believe this happened with Aphria recently.

If the current gov could get their head out of their ass they should offer licenses to grow a certain amount. They can regulate what is or is not allowed and people can make a living.

Right now it is just corporate and federal greed...

And the consumers win if the product is better (and how can it be worse?) Right now they are not winning paying 12 dollars for a gram of tasteless dry old pre rolled doob.
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