The Muchacho Smoking Facility!

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Crowd pleaser..
3 paper fattie..
Blend of
Dawgs waltz.
Scotts OG.
Guerrilla glue.
The white g13 hash plant.
dry sifts..
The magic 2015.
White widow 2015
a tasty blend for the day....


Ghost Train Haze #9 in my Solo.

I have quite a few jars of the lesser quality buds of this sitting around, my tops are gone mostly. I like it for during the day. Wouldn't grow again though. I need to never grow a whole crop of one strain again, no matter how good it is after a half O or so I am ready for something different.

Does anyone smoke pipe resin anymore?
At my buddies house earlier and he hands me a pipe, I hit it and about cooked my lungs. He let's me know it's resin after I'm coughing. Lol.
Well no, but I love handing someone a blob of qwiso hash to see the sad look on their face. Then it spreads red and looks tasty...then smoked at they look kinda sad again as qwiso is sorta gross most of the time.
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