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Looks good bro. I like the lights! I had almost the exact same humidity and temps when I started my current grow. I added a humidifier, and a couple weeks later I said fuck it and took it out. Can't really tell a difference lol
I hear ya, but I would still like to get the humidity up to about 50%. Even though the plants will look alright the cells within the plant are always looking for equilibrium with their environment. So if the air is dry they will not use as much water or nutrients. So even the slight bump in humidity would only have a positive effect, particularly in the veg stage.


I hear ya, but I would still like to get the humidity up to about 50%. Even though the plants will look alright the cells within the plant are always looking for equilibrium with their environment. So if the air is dry they will not use as much water or nutrients. So even the slight bump in humidity would only have a positive effect, particularly in the veg stage.
Oh for sure bro, I wish I could get my environment ideal. And I did like the humidifier for a bit, but after a while, it just took up space, and I noticed some kind of mold on the filter after it sat for a day or two cuz it didn't need to run. So I said fuck it and scrapped that idea lol :D
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Oh for sure bro, I wish I could get my environment ideal. And I did like the humidifier for a bit, but after a while, it just took up space, and I noticed some kind of mold on the filter after it sat for a day or two cuz it didn't need to run. So I said fuck it and scrapped that idea lol :D
I saw a filterless humidifier a few weeks ago, I may look into one of those. Though I had an amazing humidifier years back which had a filter but the system was super clean and I never saw even a sign of mold. I might have to go dig out that unit.
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Ok, seems I am long overdue for an update on this grow. Still no humidifier and now the humidity hovers around 25%, so its probably a good idea to get some kind of humidifier in there. The plants were having a problem for another reason, I can only assume was my soil-less mix. I had used coco, compost mix and perlite and I think the coco sucked up or locked out any available calcium in the blend. I hadn't applied any with my feeds as it was not part of the bio bizz line and I was trying to run that line almost purely. So ultimately the plants became deficient in calcium, iron and nitrogen. Here is a pic from Jan 6.

You can see the yellowing and down-turned leaves. It came on pretty quickly, much more quickly than I would have expected. On the 6th I added a top dressing of insect frass (2-2-2) and crustacean meal (4-4-1) to give some long lasting effects. I also gave a liquid feed of 5mL BioBizz Bloom, 12mL molasses and 7mL of Photosynthesis plus. Yes, I meant to use bloom not grow in my feed. Within a day the plants were showing small signs of improvement. I attribute that to the insect frass which I have used to recuperate other plants quickly.

Because of the deficiency the plants were not taking up much water, so the next watering was likely the 10th or so as I wanted the medium to dry out a bit so the roots would stretch; but my notes aren't reflecting any watering, but I know I gave them one.

The next feed came on Jan 15th, this one had quite a bit in the mix but all seemed to be beneficial. The mix was 5mL Demeter's Destiny (calcium), 10mL fish emulsion, 7mL BioHeaven, 1mL MicrobeLife iron, 10mL molasses, and a few drops of Mammoth P. I was seeing improvement by this point but wanted to really give the plants as much of a boost as I could. Because the plants were showing improvement I decided to up the light intensity and increased the light to 174 watts. I also potted up Gunslinger #2-C (the one I broke on Dec 27th, and re-cloned) in a mix of the compost mix I use, about 1 1/2 gal, and an equal volume of perlite with 4 tbsp of crustacean meal and 2 tbsp of insect frass. I am going to see if that makes a difference in plant growth as opposed to my mix including coco. Here are a few pics from Jan 16th.

in the group shot it is tough to see the improvements but the new growth was coming in much more green and they started growing at a good pace again. The improvement was more noticeable in the little Jack Mystery #2, its leaves had really greened up and the growth rate really began to increase.

On the 19th the plants got another feeding of 5mL Demeter's Destiny, 8mL Bio Grow, 10mL Fish emulsion, 1mL iron and 5mL Root Juice. I also moved the Gunslinger #2-C into the tent with all the other plants. It was fed the above mix diluted by 60%. So at this point the tent includes Gunslinger #1-A,B,C; Gunslinger #2-A,B,C; Jack Mystery #2 and Jack Mystery #3 (the runt).

On Jan 21st the plants were all fed again using only 5mL Demeter's Destiny and 5mL Bio Grow. Now the improvement is more noticeable.

The first picture is of Gunslinger #1-A which is the tallest plant in there, but it was looking much perkier and a nice amount of greening up. The second picture is of the Jack Mystery #2 which I was very happy to see improvement from. Its nodes are really tightly spaced making me pretty certain there is Master Kush in its lineage. Who knows what it will produce, but I am hoping its something pretty nice. In the final pic, the group shot you can see all the plants are looking more perky than in previous pictures; particularly the Gunslinger #2-B. It seemed to lag behind all the other plants right from the start but also showed the least yellowing, so I am hoping it is also the quickest to completely recover. Even the Jack Mystery #3 runt is looking better, so maybe I may be able to pull a few grams from it, though I have no problem tossing it if there is no space in the tent come flowering time.

Yesterday I increased the light to 200 watts. Today I am going to put Jack Mystery #2 in a 3 gal smart pot with Happy Frog just to make sure it is going to have no problems from here out. I may end up planting all of the plants into Happy Frog for flowering to make sure I have no issues through that stage, problems in veg is bad enough.
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Ok some updated shots from today.

A little root porn.

Jack Mystery #2 post-transplant. I added a bunch more perlite to the Happy Frog plus some crustacean meal and some insect frass.

A little LST on Gunslinger #2-B.

Gunslinger #2-C.

Jack Mystery #3, the runt.

And a family photo.
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So it was time for everyone to get into their final homes, 3 gal fabric pots, in preparation for flowering. Because of the issues I had with the coco in my mix last time I left it out this potting, so my mix this time was Happy Frog, compost blend, perlite and clay pebbles with some greensand and crustacean meal. All but the Gunslinger #2-C are in this mix, GS #2-C is in a mix of the compost blend and perlite; this is what it was potted into on Jan. 15, and the plant growth just took off from there. I am running this as a test to see if I should just run with that compost blend as my "soil" from here out. I have been seeing some magnesium deficiencies in all my plants lately so I have had to add some Sweet to my mix to correct this. I am not totally thrilled about using it as I was trying to keep all things completely organic in this run, but it was necessary. I am also hoping the transplant into the new mix will help keep all the girls happy. So anyway, on to the pics.

Let's start with a little root porn. Despite the nutrient deficiencies I saw in this mix the root growth was great. The roots were nice and white and fuzzy.

This is Jack Mystery #2 , its doing alright, again seeing a bit of a magnesium deficiency like the rest, but not nearly as bad. In better news, it is a confirmed female. She has thrown pre-flowers with long white pistils. She is a very slow grower indicating a strong influence from its indica lineage (my assumption and hope is that this has Master Kush in its heritage, the seed came from a bag that came to me as Jack x Snowmaster). She is growing in a pretty typical Christmas tree shape and staying rather compact. I do hope the Jack genes contribute a bit of a sativa influence to how she grows once I flip to flower. Regardless I am pretty excited to see what she can do.

This is the runt Jack Mystery #3 a total weakling and showing all kinds of weird issues. But hey I figure if I get a gram off of it I win. And who knows, if it lives all the way through flower it may offer something kick-ass.

Here are a few of Gunslinger #2-C prior to transplant. She is loving life and growing at a nice rate, kicking out branches all over the place.

Here are her roots, not as developed as the other 5 Gunslingers, but she was put into her pot on the Jan 15, the others went into their Dec. 27. So I am quite happy with how well they grew out.

And the obligatory family photo. It feels way more organized in there now which has me feeling better. we are just about 2 weeks from flip, so I am hoping to see the tent fill out pretty quickly from here, but this hasn't exactly been a problem free grow so we will see what the girls have to say about it.
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That last pic wasn't supposed to be in the post, and it isn't showing up when I go to edit it. Oh well, I guess we can all enjoy the pic from in the midst of transplanting.


Ok, seems I am long overdue for an update on this grow. Still no humidifier and now the humidity hovers around 25%, so its probably a good idea to get some kind of humidifier in there.

I've had good results recently with just putting a bucket of water in the corner of the tent and also some small bowls. Might not be the best way to do it but I went from 38% to 55-65%. My tent is 2,5' x 2,5' x 5'.
I have no ventilation, though.
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I've had good results recently with just putting a bucket of water in the corner of the tent and also some small bowls. Might not be the best way to do it but I went from 38% to 55-65%. My tent is 2,5' x 2,5' x 5'.
I have no ventilation, though.

I actually just bought a humidifier. It is blowing into the room my tent is in, so hopefully that will keep the humidity from dropping too low.
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You could have a DWC bucket in the corner, raise your humidity and grow a plant at the same time.

That is the next round in there. I am going to do 1 or two DWC and a few Hempy Buckets. But for now hopefully raising the humidity in the room around the tent will get the humidity in the tent up.
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Its time for that long over due update. Let's fast forward to Feb 6. For some reason my notes aren't showing the exact date but all the plants were re-trained on Feb. 5 if I am not mistaken and by the next morning all branch tips were pointing upwards reaching for the light. We can see Gunslinger #2-C in the back right corner really starting to branch out and bush up. Jack Mystery#2 has also really picked up its growth rate; more so in the side branching rather than vertical growth. It is becoming a beautiful bush with an amazing stacked branching habit. All the Gunslingers were top dressed with Roots Organic seabird guano to mitigate some phosphorus deficiency I was seeing. All the plants are looking a bit yellow because of it; that and a bit magnesium deficient too. I was however to get my RH up to an acceptable range in the tent finally, I am staying pretty constantly in the low 40's which I am very happy with and the plants seem to be enjoying too.

Here are a couple shots of the Jack Mystery #2. The branching pattern is very evident in these pictures. Those side branches are looking rather strong too. I am really excited to see what she does once she starts to flower.

Here is the Gunslinger #2-C showing her bushy branching habit. She is heavily steeped in Chem/Dawg lineage as her cross is Starfighter X Stardawg, and her branching habit really shows that. I know she puts out some really frosty and dank nugs so it will be fun to compare with other samples of the variety.

These are roots from the Jack Mystery #2 already cracking through the fabric pot. It took 14 days for her roots to break through. Yay for fabric pots, because this would be an awful thing if I were using plastic pots; this plant would be rootbound half way through flowering.

Ok on to Feb 9, plants are all starting to deal with some of the early deficiencies and the roots are stretching for moisture and nutrients as is evident by the praying leaves. At this point they are all still a little magnesium and phosphorus deficient but I began adding in some BioBloom and Sweet to the nutrient mix to mitigate that. I ahve also began to water a bit more frequently, daily if I can. I am trying to keep the soil evenly moist without it ever drying out and never completely drowning my roots.

This is Gunslinger #2-A, she has always had the best structure and I like how she grew after training. Nice and compact but all tops getting good light.

Gunslinger #2-C again. Watch those side branches grow up even with her most central point.

Here is the Jack Mystery #2 all caged up, getting ready for some heavy buds on those lateral branches.

And now we move on to the group shot on Feb 10. Its getting crowded in there now. This is the last day of veg. daylight hours (17 on/ 7 off). The plants are greening back up nicely just in time for the fun part of the grow.

Here we are today, Feb 12. Plants are looking very happy and there is no more canopy space to be filled. Last night they got 8 hours of dark, tonight will be 9 hours of dark until Friday night when they will hit the 12/12 mark. I decided to see if a gradual reduction of light would reduce the stretch at the beginning of bloom and generally reduce stress through the transition. The Gunslinger #2-C has really filled out and is quite branchy, but she is untrained as I wanted to see what difference training made in final yield per plant. Everyone in here (minus the runt) got a light sprinkiling of Roots Organic Uprising bloom for just a little boost (I had the free sample packet, why not use it for something?).

We are almost at the exciting stage of the grow and I for one can't wait to see this tent full of buds.
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Did a bit of work on the girls today getting rid of all the small useless branches and interior leaves that are not getting any light and restricting air flow. It was getting very crowded and I wanted to be sure the girls were going to have good ventilation all the way through even though the conditions are a bit cramped in the tent. They all got another feed today, a bloom feed to get them going into the flowering phase. Tonight will have a 10 hour dark period, getting that much closer to the magic 12/12 mark; at which point I will be counting my days of flowering.

To start is the Jack Mystery #2, now with the trim you can see her gorgeous structure.

Next is the Gunslinger #2-C, she has a much more upright, bushy form to her which gives her lots of tops receiving lots of good light.

Last glamour shot is of the Gunslinger #2-B she has had the best structure since starting out, and now after training and trimming she remains one of the most even growing and well structured plants.

Last but not least, the group shot. Everyone has been moved around to try and fit them all in without too much overlapping of the leaves.
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Once again folks it is time to catch up. Since we last saw our girls they have begun their flowering cycle. I am not sure why this wasn't included in the last update but on Feb 13 I took 4 clones of Jack Mystery #2 and 1one of Gunslinger #1-C. On Feb 15 the girls had their first day of only 12 hours of light, so I am calling that Day 1 of flower. But they had been building to this point for about 5 days.

Feb 20th was a busy day. All the girls in the tent got a nice feeding, not too high on nutes but a considerable volume was given to each plant and they all got a nice trim. I also did a nice round of cloning; 3 of Gunslinger #1-A, 3 of Gunslinger #2-B, and 3 of Gunslinger #2-C. I was also gifted 11 Cheesequake plants that I took several cuts from. I have one confirmed male, which I am pretty psyched about. I have never tried my hand at any breeding, but I would love to give it a shot. It would be wonderful to have some pollen to put away for later use too. Here are the first round of cloning.


A shot of Gunslinger #2-C, this is the one Gunslinger I did not train and I love its structure. At some level I am kinda upset I trained the other ones, but they would have been too big for the space by now if I hadn't.

Some of the leaves I trimmed off. for 240 watts of light in a 2x4 tent these are a very nice size.

A couple group shots.

And one of the little runt. Even she is stretching and beginning to bud up. I might get a couple grams off her, way more than I expected.

Feb 21, all the plants needed a bit of a food after their trimmings, and that is exactly what they got. More excitingly I saw the first pistils showing. That makes it day 7, which I can't really complain about. This is the Gunslinger #1-C showing first pistils.

Here is the Jack Mystery #2.

And here is an overhead shot of the Jack Mystery #2 and Gunslinger #1-B. The stretch has caused the slight yellowing in the leaves, it is nothing that concerned me, just shows how quickly they are growing. I would rather have quick growth than slow growth at this point in the process.

On Feb 22 I took another round of clones. 3 of Gunslinger #2-A, 2 of Gunslinger #1-B (I already had taken 1 other prior), 2 of Gunslinger #1-C and another set from the Cheesequakes. Here is the tray of clones. I do love having a tray full of clones, it has been far too long since I have had once of those.

And a couple group shots to show the progress. We can see how much they have stretched in 8 days.

Here we are on Feb 24th, Day 10. Just a quick look at the stretch. They are starting to really show that they are fully in flowering mode.

On Feb 25 I saw the first roots on the Jack Mystery #2 clones. I am very excited to know I will be able to have a second grow with this girl if I she turns out worthy. All the plants got plain water and the budding is becoming more evident every day. And we can see the light color of the new growth has returned to a nice rich color.

Feb 26th we really can see the progress of flowering. We start with our group shot. Look at them stretch for that light and to accommodate the flowers they are going to put on.

This is the Gunslinger #2-C, I just can't get enough of her shape.

This is the top of Gunslinger #2-C.


This is the Jack Mystery #2. I am expecting her to finish a bit faster than the Gunslingers, but we shall see. She is budding up quickly.
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Some upclose shots of Jack Mystery #2.

And a group shot (from a different angle than usual).

And as of today the buds are continuing to stack and develop. The stretch is not quite over, but almost. Now the show is really going to start to get interesting.

Sorry for the long updates folks, but I don't get a lot of time to really sit and get these done. I hope those of you who are following have found my grow to be interesting at the least. Thanks for reading and hanging in there with me.
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Ok, trying to keep these posts a bit shorter so this update is a bit closer to the last. But things are moving very quickly right now and flowers are coming on nicely. We'll open today's show with a group shot from Feb 28. Over the last week or so they have put on their final stretch and it was surprising how big they ended up getting to.

This is a close up of one of the tops of the Gunslinger #1-A.
Gunslinger #1-A.jpg

On to Mar 4, and once again lets have a look at the group.

We look at the whole group a lot so now let's take a quick look at the back row of the tent. We can see just how much they have stretched in a few days. The shorty in the back left corner is the Jack Mystery #2. She may be short but she is pretty wide, I feel bad she is tucked into the corner like that. All 4 clones I took from her rooted so I am going to start a mother with one and either flower out the others or give a couple to some friends. I would love to see what she could do with some room to grow.

Here's the Gunslinger #1-A.
Gunslinger #1-A.jpg
Gunslinger #1-A Close Up.jpg

This is the Gunslinger #2-C.
Gunslinger #2-C Bright.jpg
Gunslinger #2-C.jpg
Gunslinger #2-C Close Up II.jpg

And the Jack Mystery #2. This girl is going to be really frosty, she is already pretty sparkly.
Jack Mystery #2.jpg
Jack Mystery #2 Close Up.jpg

Ok, I just really like the structure the Gunslinger #2-C grew with so I keep taking pics of her. here is one to show her branching pattern as of Mar 5.
Gunslinger #2-C.jpg

And a couple of the Jack Mystery #2 from today day 20 of flower. I just couldn't get over the amount of trichomes that are already present and swelling on this girl. The gold tinge in not a deficiency it is the coverage of trichomes on the developing buds.
Jack Mystery #2.jpg
Jack Mystery #2 Close Up.jpg
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Sorry to anyone still following me here, it has been a really crazy month and I haven't had nearly as much time to get a good update on here. So instead of me doing a lot of talking (well I guess writing) I will allow the pics to tell the story.

Mar 9

Mar 10

Mar 12

Mar 16

Mar 20
Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun

Mar 23

Mar 24

Mar 27

Mar 29

Apr 1

Apr 3 (Day 48)

The girls are all coming along really nicely, actually faster than I expected. I will likely be chopping in 2 more weeks. I was expecting a day 70 harvest, but the plants do seems to be at a point where harvest will be more like day 63, plus it looks like I am going to have to have some work done on my place so I don't want to have anything going when that happens. I am starting my flush period tomorrow, so its a week of Sweet only followed by a week of water only.
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Smoking Gun

Ok seeing as I dropped the ball on the conclusion of this grow I will post a few pics from the last few weeks of how this one went.

I pulled about 310 grams out of there, well above 1 gram per watt. The two phenos of the Gunslinger became a bit more distinct once dried and cured. The #1 pheno is a more OG leaning plant with more rounded, very dense buds. The effect is pretty clean, a bit of fuzziness in the head but not too bad. It has a nice body giving a good ease of the muscles without being debilitating. Neither pheno had great flavor but the #1 had a bit more of that OG funk to it, though even that was subtle. The #2 pheno is a bit more like Headband (yes, I know there is not headband in the genes). It has more elongated, sativa looking buds and the aroma had a more distinct citrus aroma to it. The flavor of this one is mild and a bit lemony and fuely, but again it is very mild. The effect is a bit more up, though there is still a nice body to it. There is a bit of tightening in the head, much like Headband tends to do, it is not my favorite feeling. So it is the #1 that I kept a mom of, though I can't imagine doing too many runs with her. The Gunslinger does make some really nice hash, which is honestly what it does seem to have been bred for, resin production over flavor.

The Jack Mystery plants were very nice. The #3, the runt, had a very skunky aroma with a hint of sweetness on the back end once dried and placed into the jar. This aroma built over the next few weeks but faded after about 3 weeks in the jar. It did retain a nice kitchen spice aroma with a subtle skunky tone and a bit of sweetness after that point. The smoke was very smooth and had a nice skunky, hashy, spicy flavor to it, very much like a really good selection of Jack Herer. Its effect was a nice balance of head and body.

The #2 was an amazing plant, it grew in such a nice shape and developed beautiful long buds showing its Sativa heritage. The bracts were small but completely covered in trichomes. It had less of an aroma when first dried, but has really developed an wonderful piney, spicy aroma after sitting in the jar for a while. The flavor of the smoke is quite similar to its aroma. It has a wonderfully clean effect with a nice combination of mind and body ease, but is still good for going out and about for a day. It does have a bit of that Haze effect so the head is not quite so focused as to be super productive. Unfortunately because of my own neglect and and unfortunate occurrence at a friends there was no mother left for her. However, there are more seeds of this so at some point in the near future they will be popped and a hunt for really special plant will begin.

I want to put a conclusion to this grow as I am onto the next and am already behind on documenting that. So pics and info on that will be posted soon. In the mean time here are some pics of the Gunslinger and Jack Mystery to hold everyone over.
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