The Oil Wars By Elise Herron

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This article came from Volume 43 of Willamette Week, published 8-23-2001 regarding Drew Jones/Mr Extractor to dominate the extraction market with patents.

Author: Elise Herron

Willamette Week

Published August 23, 2017

Andrew Jones' company Connoisseur Concentrates has a marketing video on its website that can only be described as perplexing.

For an hour and six minutes, Jones, clad in a white hoodie with the word "Crooks" silkscreened on the front, tells viewers how he's poised to dominate his industry with patents, how his product is the best on the market and how he can sue anybody who infringes on his intellectual property.

"People want to come in and make a quick buck off of us," Jones says of outsiders he fears will soon lay claim to the cannabis industry. "It shouldn't happen and it won't happen, and if we're really smart about it, they'll work for us."

Jones, 37, specializes in one of the most lucrative segments of the marijuana industry—extracting butane hash oil, or BHO, a sticky, honeylike substance that is distilled essence of cannabis.

Hash oil, which concentrates THC or CBD, the active ingredients in marijuana, is used in vaporizer pens, baked into edibles, or formed into translucent sheets called "shatter," which is used to dab. In dabbing, a small drop of highly potent extract is evaporated on a heated surface, and the user inhales the fumes.

Extracts, according to the research firm BDS Analytics, make up almost a quarter of Oregon's $400 million a year cannabis market.

Extracting the oil from marijuana can be risky, because it involves pressure and highly flammable materials.

Jones claims the device he patented last year—it's called "Mr. Extractor"—is the best way to reduce such risks and produce a pure product.

Mr. Extractor, manufactured in Tualatin, retails for $10,000. Jones says he has sold about 50 of them, though the real money, he hopes, will come from licensing his patents.

In a video he made about his plan for market dominance, Jones and his attorney, Holly Johnston, explain the legal protections he has secured and warn competitors not to appropriate his technology.

"I'm pleased to announce that Connoisseur Concentrates has secured the federal patent rights for virtually all closed-loop extraction systems in the country," Jones says.

In an interview with WW, Jones says the legal talk was meant to send a message: "I wanted to scare some people."

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So he's the "gmo" of blasting apparatuses?

If so, fvck all the greedy asshats.
He isn't clear just yet. My donating my design to public domain on public forum was always intended to be the monkey wrench to patent trolls.

I chose an international forum like IC Mag, to make it a monkey wrench places other than just the US.

I acknowledged the prior art that my eureka came from, both out of respect for that brain trust, but to leave an audit trail of supporting prior art if I'm no longer extant to question.

I made my nuts before retiring early comfortably and may covet more money, but have already had the toys I coveted in my youth and really don't need it. What I need even less in my sweet golden years is the excitement of patent suits, and like the role of expert witness better.

My vision of how I would prefer to see our industry emerge, is an even playing deck, where everyone makes it based on the merits of their product and service, not poisoning the well against their competitors, or seeking unscrupulous advantage with troll patents.

Drew of course continues to be Drew. He continues to manufacture "factoids" to support his position, like my company being bankrupt and him making millions.

The actual truth, is that I've never personally bankrupted, nor have I ever bankrupted a company. WolfWurx was solvent when traded to Pharmgold for a percent of the stock, and I didn't manage Pharmgold, anymore than I manage any of the other companies in my portfolio that I have stock in.
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