the real 17th High Times Cannabis Cup

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as u can see arjan didnt win in real life

what a face looks like hes chewing a lemon haha


aint that derry from barneys holding them cups ? sure looks like he got a face squint too


thnk bout back in the day when these guys were the seed business, dutch passion, sensi, greenhouse, these guys have been around since the begining. i try not to be too overly critical of those who have worked so hard to get us where we are today, i dont know about genetics and who has what and what is authentic, i say if it grows bomb and smokes the same why snivel, anyways not like my opinion matters much i just try to not forget. i remember in like 92/ 93 reading high times and these guys had the order forms to get the seeds back then.


no n on o, i did not mean nothing negative by anything, i wasnt trying to start a fight i can remember back when i was young reading high times is all i dont know anyone in the seed business or nothing and dont really advocate anyones seeds at all. i am sure there are people older than me who remember other seed breeders being around before these guys. like when white widow came out back in the day.. it was the shit. i dont hate anyone i just think that anyone who has put that much of there life towards something should get some respect for doing it.. i know i have grown a couple greenhouse strains and was happy with them. i wasnt trying to hate on anyone in the forums or anyhting like that. those are just the memories i have of the sed busines in the 90's i am not saying there arent better strains out there i am just sayin dude has given a good portion of his life to something we all have.
i thought the pic was funny i am not saying that it wasnt funny either.
I think people like to talk shit about greenhouse because other people started talking shit about greenhouse. Is there gear the best out there.. Not that I have seen. Having said that... I've got a Hawaiian snow plant that I wouldn't give up for much else. I think they do decent work. I mean me personally I like the smaller guys with smaller lines.. More focus in each strain. Serious Seeds is a great exsample. Small line good gear. Subcool is another one. I think you can even kinda see the breaking point for some companies. Like Res... The Sour D bomb and then.............keep waiting.........keep waiting...........keep waiting...... It isn't that anyone can't do a large seed line and keep the shit tight but i think it is a morden day trend to grow your company to large to fast... and when you can't keep up just reduce quailty and push quanity. I bet you could find a real keep pheno in any greenhouse gear you might just need 10 packs now a days. All that said the color coated seeds are going to change the way people look at mixed pack.. not that I'm for it or not.. Just that it changes things.

What happended to greenhouse can happen to any company particularly ones that have there place even if they don't do the best work. Confortable can be a real bitch.

Just my opinion,

P.S. that picture is way way way funny.


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For me it's all about the Shanti stories. Shrew businessman or not, bullshit is bullshit and he's swimming in it like no one else in the game. Maybe they should get that "Dirty Jobs" guy to do a day in his shoes. :)
respect to Arjan and the crew. They have been doing there thing for a while now. Anybody that has that much passion for the cannabis plant is all right in my book. Plus, if you ever meet the guy you'll know he's a stand up guy. He has always give me respect. I like the guy...
Hey that is kinda a funny face. Dont know anything about greenhouse beans cause i have not run them. I kinda dont like running fem beans cause i like to get a male for f2's and such.......I did pick up some og(fire)xthewhite fem beans but who could blame me? Would you not? What i want to know about this pic is this. What did GH seed enter with? What about the other guy(whoever it is) what did he put up for the judges? :)