The Relentless Pursuit Of The Dankest Strains

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Hi guys.. Long time grower, first time poster to the farm... Some will recognize the screen name from other forums, it is me :D

Onto the good stuff..
For the past 10 years Ive been going through hundreds of clone onlys and seeds, tossing almost all.. I grow organically, indoors.. For the past few years Ive put most of my efforts into breeding, or pollen chucking really..

Id like this thread to be more of an ongoing thread where I can post my work. Cant wait to meet some new people and as always, learn some new things haha :D Ill post some of my recent work below.

Here are some of my crosses..

Seed project: Black Rose male….
Purple Kush x Black Rose= Blackbird
Purple Diesel x Black Rose= Purple Bomb
Purple Urkle x Black Rose= Steve Urkle
Blackberry Kush x Black Rose= Blackberry Rose
Super Lemon Haze x Black Rose= Black Lemons
Snowcap x Black Rose= Black Blizzard

Seed project: Fire OG Bx1 male....
Fire OG x Fire Og Bx1= Fire OG bx2
The White x Fire Og Bx1= Relentless Wifi
GSC(Forum) x Fire Og Bx1= Fire Cookies

Seed project: Reversing The White...
The White x The White= White s1
GSC(forum) x The White= White Cookie
Animal x The White= Yeti
Headband x The White= Frosty Headband
818 OG x The White= Big Easy OG
Exodus Cheese x The White= Queso Blanco
Snowcap x The White= WhiteCap
Purple Kush SR71 x The White= WhiteBird
Orange Kush x The White= Orange Frost

White reversed to:
GSC(forum) x The White= White Cookie
snowcap x the white= Whitecap
818 OG x The White= Big Easy OG
Headband X The White=Frosty Headband
Gorilla Glue #4 x The White= Elmers glue
Lemon Skunk x The White=White Lemons
Burkle x The White=Whurkle
Cherry Pie x The White=White Pie
Green Ribbon x The White=White Ribbon
Starfighter x The White=White Fighter

Agent Orange males..
GSC Thin Mints x Agent Orange=Tangerine Mints
GSC Forum x Agent Orange=Orange Cookies
818OG x Agent Orange=Orange Valley OG
Gorilla Glue #4 x Agent Orange=Orange Glue
Headband x Agent Orange=Tangerine Headband
The White x Agent Orange=Frosted Oranges
Albert Walker x Agent Orange=Agent Walker
Exodus Cheese x Agent Orange= Agent Cheese
Stardawg(Correy Cut) xAgent Orange=Orange Dawg
Cherry Pie x Agent Orange= Orange Pie
Big Easy OG(818og x The White) x Agent Orange=Whodat Orange Kush

Reversing 818 Pure SFV OG…
-Albert Walker x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= OG Walker
-Purple Kush SR71 x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= SR71OG
-Snowcap x Pure SFV OG(reversed)= Cap OG
-KKSC x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= Strawberry Cough OG
-Exodus Cheese x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= Exodus OG
-Cherry Pie x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= OG Pie
-Gg4 x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= Glue OG
-GSC(Thin Mint) x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= Thin Mint OG
-GSC(Forum) x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)=OG Cookies
-Headband x 818 Pure SFV OG(reversed)= Headband OG

The White reversed to:
818 Pure SFV OG= Big Easy OG
Gorilla Glue#4=Elmers Glue
Cherry Pie= White Pie
Platinum Og= White Platinum OG
Albert Walker= Albino Albert
Klye Kushman Strawberry Cough= Frosted Strawberry Cough
Thin Mint= Frosted Mint Cookies
Stardog(correy cut)= Paledog

818 SFV OG reversed to itself
818SFV OG x 818SFV OG(r)=818SFV OG s1

current projects:
Relentless Fire OG bx2 males to:
818 SFV OG x Fire OG bx2=?
Gorilla Glue#4 x Fire OG bx2=?
Lemon Skunk x Fire OG bx2=?
Cherry Pie x Fire OG bx2=?
ALbert Walker aka dago x Fire OG bx2=?
Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough x Fire OG bx2=?
Snowcap x Fire OG bx2=?
Thin Mint GSC x Fire OG bx2=?
The White x Fire OG bx2=?
Exodus UK Cheese x Fire OG bx2=?
Platinum OG x Fire OG bx2=?
Correy x Fire OG bx2=?
Chemdog D x Fire OG bx2=?
ECSD x Fire OG bx2=?
Banana OG x Fire OG bx2=?

Hash Plant males to these girls to start bx lines=
818 SFV OG x Hashplant=?
Chemdx Hashplant=?

After I finish the hash plant project Ill be spending a good bit of time refining Orange Valley OG that I made(818 SFV OG x Agent Orange).. After popping 24 beans and growing out the females I am thoroughly impressed.. I plan to bx it back to OG 3 times and then f3 it out for candy orange og phenos..

Cherry Cookie(GSC Forum cut x Fire OG bx1-pheno I found in a cross I made)


Big Easy OG(818SFV OG x The White)
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Thanks guys! The warm welcome is much appreciated!

Hey thunder, good to see ya man! Hope all is well with ya!

Andy-thx man. I usually google all before naming them. I forgot about the yeti, will need to change that.. But that cross was the only one that I didnt release, up to the 818og reversal. I havent released the 818og reversal and the more recent crosses that were listed after..

I really like to post finished pics.. I have a few different projects going on right now.. In my 3.5x6 closet I have two 750hps that I sometimes turn up to 2k total or down to 1k total.. I usually run (12) 5gal smart pots in there.. I veg my stretchers to 15-18"above soil.. Hardcore lolipopped.. usually 4-6 mains with nothing else.. after the 3rd node everything else is taken so Im left with a bunch of big buds.. makes trimming easy.. no larf.. all quality nugz.. right now in the closet I have kksc, albert walker, cherry pie, cheese, snowcap, and 11 phenos of my orange valley og.. closet is on week 8 so Ill b posting pics of those soon.. Thats the only sensi I have going right now, I am reversing 818sfv to itself(on week 3), reversing the white to a ton of strains(ending week8-pics coming soon), hitting everything I have with my Fire OG bx2, and Im about to flip the lights on Hashplant to hit 818sfv, Chemdog D, and some others..

For now Ill post some more pics of my most recent work.. Maybe a few pics a day to keep it interesting :D

Gorilla Glue#4
Gorilla Glue4

818 og

Platinum OG
Platinum OG


Thanks smokie. The Cherry Cookie pheno is getting out there.. Shes in a few countries and different states :D.

Shes really a great pheno, I hope many get to try her..

I consider her a cherry pie and cookie replacement..
She grows faster and easier then those.. Doesnt mind having multiple tops.. Doesnt stretch quite as much as cookies, more controllable, but more then cherry pie.. She yields way more then cookies, og, and cherry pie.. She has cherry pies aroma which we all know is better then cookies.. And she doesnt hermi like CP..

Good stuff.. I dont see a category where cherry pie or cookies beats cherry cookie.. Everyone thats tried her flowers has said the same thing, but we'll see with more testing.


Fuuuuck I used to follow you on icmag... finally got to the farm ey! Good to hear.

Really pumped to see what your coming out with. That white pie and frosty headband look killer. Also your fire projects have me anxious to see what's to come.

One of my buddies rocks your Elmers glue right now? I'm pretty sure he said it was from you.

Much love from frosty. Can't wait to see you slay this thread.

happy b

That's SOME list of elites!how did the gsc x the white and elmer glue turn out?I wish I had access to elite cuts like those.were i live if you can't get it in bean form you can't get it at all .But those plants above are nice , very,very nice . especially the cherry cookies.(cherry cookies?what an amazing cross!that's gotta be dynamite)great work @Relentless. bloody sterling . I'm really looking forward to see what youv got for us next.

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