!!! The Solo Cup Grow Off !!!

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Dabbling in Oil
:fire:The Solo Cup Grow Off 2017:fire:

This thread is for weekly photo journal posts only!

Keep this thread clean, no chatting please.

Only post pics here if you are in the competition.

If you are competing, post your photo updates here with an optional short description or message so that people viewing can see everyones progress without scrolling through pages of banter.

Have fun!

Participants can start posting bean pop pics here at Midnight.


Dabbling in Oil
@One drop
@gravekat303 ?
Post weekly pics for the grow off here, keep chat in the other thread.
Anyone I missed or that wants to join in, just post your solo cup grow off pics here.


Dabbling in Oil
Getting ready!
20 minutes and you can put them in water!

The smaller one is sour diesel fem from mjseedsnl
The larger one is either a seed from an auto that I pollen chucked, a bag seed or a fem critical kali mist x super lemon haze I pollen chucked.
I will chose my favorite of the two.


Called an audible lol. Reno Genetics testers of gg#4 x crockets afternoon delight aka HyHyper Glue. Can you say terp city? Dropped 5 and will pick one female for the solo comp and run the rest in another thread let's get it guys!
Oh yea coco/sphagnum mix with perlite and nectar for the gods nutes
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2x Blood Rose from Greenpoint freebie seeds dropped in some water right meow. Day late but I'm in :)

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