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de cane

Just wanted to share an recent experience.
I was on a trip in Barcelona and had been drugged.
Must had been in the club where I had been with a friend. Drunk two cocktails and when the lights where switched on to close I felt damn shitty. Also lost my friend the same moment and was walking around alone for hours.
Lost every orientation though I hadn´t been far from my hotel. Battery from cell phone was empty and I couldn´t remember any number to call any more.
The worst thing was I was asking many people for help but nobody was doing anything then telling me " you are on a damn trip man", thanks guys, I figured myself.....

I felt like fading any second but finaly somebody showed me the direction and I could make it to my hotel, puked like hell and the trip home the next day was just horrible.
Watch out for this kind of shit. Luckily I dropped half of both drinks on the dancefloor, otherwise who knows what would had been happened.

Never took any kind of chemical drugs before and never will

take care
de cane


re:sounds like a sobering experience

Not to be joking but by any chance are you a smoking hot brunette/blonde?
If not,did you get rolled?
Wallet missing,Passport?

de cane

No man, seems like I had luck. But had no money any way.
P.s. I am not too hot tough!


Well... u got intoxicated by ether man, its a very used tactic in every club or bar around the world

When i was in highschool i worked as bartender in some club in my town, sometimes i went on tuesday or wednesday after school to do some cleaning and one day i saw one of the other bartenders whose trowing 1 lt of ether to the ice tray, he said it get the costumers so drunk so the waitress can charge you a lot more of what you just drank...

After i quit working that place, ive never attended a bar or club... and never will, i think theyre stupid egomaniac places with crappy music


that sounds like scary stuff man . glad your cool. thats nasty people. i woudnt like too feel like that.

de cane

Thanks for your compassion guys.

thx tritonite, really good to here what It may was.

But don't want to name a club since I was in more and don't want to cause any bad publicity.


Your not supposed to beer bong Absinthe LOL

wow scary could have beeeen much worst
glood your cool you got quite a story for your kidds now LOL


That's royally F'ed up man!!!! Thank the heavens you it didn't turn out any worse. I've heard way toooooo many horror stories of people being drugged in clubs both foreign and domestic. You my friend are lucky!!!!!


Ive seen girls so drunk that you have to literally lock them in the vehicle at a party to keep people from messing with them. Its sad but it does happen. Happy that your safe
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