This is my sk#1 SSSC 1989


This plant came out 50 s1's seeds .. She looks just like her mother but one thing is different at around 55 days she turns a nice burgundy color and then turns a darker purple at about 66 days. It's a sativa you can take at 50 days with a great high and taste too..
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SSSC = Super Sativa Seed Club! THAT'S bringing back some memories ROC! I remember the old SSSC ads I used to drool over in HT every month! I ordered their catalog, and the Skunk #1 was one of the very first (if not THE first) beans I ever ordered or grew! I never had one that looked like yours though! haha! I remember having to wrap the cash in carbon paper so it wouldn't be detected. Cool stuff and some great old-school genetics!!! Thanks for sharing bro! Best, -Max
Oh you lucky mo fo you! I would die for a cut of that! I love the color too! An added bonus for sure! Greatjob on her ROC!
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