This is my sk#1 SSSC 1989

lol yes someone pointed out it was 25 years not 15 years old. lol hey I smoke lots of bho man bound to get a few numbers mixed up:)
still comin back to these pics thinkin in the back of my mind if i stare hard enough the smell will come through the screen... god what id do for a roadkill skunk(though i enjoy fruity strains veeeeeeery much).
is this a roadkill or more sweet?
any updates bro? im likin how u described her... I wanted to also say, I noticed u said yall s1 her to keep her going as the moms old... well I just wanted to maybe give u an idea on a backup, just incase u start finding hermies within the s1 line and further generations... you could always use a male from one of the crosses you made and then pollenate the cut for a backcross. just a little bit of a insurance policy since yall are obviously trying to keep the cut goin.