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i was wondering what the tinnitus sufferers here had to say about mj, particularly strains. most people say it doesnt help or makes it worse which is true for me but there have been times over the years where certain weeds actually made it go away. my tinnitus is pretty bad (daily nearly constant ringing)
since tinnitus is so common im hoping someone has some input


My background noise sounds like a swamp full of spring peepers. I've never had any relief from MJ in that area, nor have I read of it being efficacious. ( I'm 60, smokin' reefer since 1967)


I have bad tinnitus also, mine is a super high tone, weed nearly always makes it louder but also allows me to be able to sleep at night. So far I have noticed though the sativa's seem to work better at not getting that buzz roaring, and can distract your attention away from it for a while. A good stoney indica can really set tinnitus off, but as you know by the time you go to bed and wake up the next day its back down again.

So anyways i recomend a good sativa or hybrid,......I am currently createing a log about different strains and how each affects my tinnitus....so far my favorite is "Green Thai"...but only started tracking strains in a log a few weeks ago.


I usually get worse tinnitus from mj. I can really tell when I lay down in the dark. Sometimes headphones with chill music helps mask it, but there is not much else to do. It does help with fibromyalgia and headaches though, and I love being high and in the NOW, so all in all, it is worth it.


dazedandconfused i am the same way it gets loud but lets me sleep with ease at the same time. and yes couchlock indicas usually magnifies it. maybe ill start runnin more sats to see if that has any quieting down effect. i love sats but very seldom smoke em because of room restrictions and around here its mostly indicas available. (i can tell you the sourbubble, HPs, and NLs ive been running makes it roar).

like you guys, mj usually almost always makes my tinnitus very loud sometimes insanely loud, luckily i cope with it very well mentally. altho hearing loss runs in the family (gramps got hearing aids, mother cant hear for shit) my tinnitus is mostly do to over exposure to loud ass music.


I have severe tinnitus for the last 20 years, and i smoke several varieties a day, but when they're very creepy sativa style and you lay in bed in vigil state, the sound goes wild, so i avoid creepy sativas before going to bed. Mostly i'm used to it and don't take it much into account, i believe it helps by helping you to ignore it.


i agree with 7rayos there....to go to bed i use a strong indica (my bedtime fav so far Afgan Kush).....but if im smoking during the day i choose a sativa.....also smoke with friends as much as possible, when im smoking with friends ill go an entire night without thinking about my tinnitus....when i smoke alone i make sure i have a good long movie to watch....

If you ever find a strain you like that lowers your tinnitus please post it, I belive there has to be some out there that can help people with our condition. I have never seen a real study of treating tinnitus with weed...just one study that said marijuana makes tinnitus louder....not nearly thourough of enough of a study.......so many strains that should be tested...


haha/I thought I was nuts...been puffin Indica alot lately instead of the usual sats and my ears have been ringing big time.


yeah thanx guys it looks like we are all mostly on the same page that when it comes to tinnitus mj is mostly useful as a sleep aid/coping. so far i have not come across a strain that subsides it so im thinking the few times that ive experienced total silence after smoking might have been enviornmental or otherwise case by case if that makes sense to you guys since the same weed made it loud other times.


I know this is an older thread but I was wondering if any of you tinnitus suffers have had experiance with oils? I have found the Chemdog #4 oil I made lets me get medicated without a significant increase in tinnitus ringing. It dont go away, but at least you can get stoned without it sounding like you have 10,000 wind chimes getting blown around in a hurricane.


I'm pretty sure I have a mild case but it seems to be getting worse. I can almost tell how good weed is by the ring in my ears, lol.. I have to take pain meds sometimes (MJ is great for mild to moderate pain, but not severe and acute pain, in my experience) and those make it ring like no other!

Seriously, anyone else notice the stronger the herb the louder the ring? Mine is high pitched, I cannot describe it as I have never heard a natural sound like it. Its almost like when a large tube tv is on in another room but no volume? Dunno if that makes any sence. Never said anything about it till this post, lol..


Hey Lost, mine is super high pitch also. kinda like you described, like that high pitch sound a old tube tv would make when the volume is down.
Good weed, bad weed, it all makes it louder for me. But I have run into a few times weed that will let me get high and not notice the noise, but its been years and I had no way of knowing the strain. The worst is when you get some weak ass weed and you dont get high, but the ringing gets louder. Allthough when I smoke weed the sound changes from normal. It sounds more like a car tire loosing air...the hiss...and when I go to bed with no background noise I hear many different tones. A quiet room can be deafening.
But everyday is different, you have good days and bad, sleep, stress and diet all effect it too....Just wish I didnt have OCD along with this....makes trying to not obsess alot of the time impossible.

Have you ever noticed when you take a shower the sound cancels it out?


Just a guess, but smoking may change your blood pressure and that changes the ringing. I forgot my ears were ringing till I read this......


man i never even thought about this. i am also a suffer of this and have been my entire life. it was not until i discovered the internet did i realize what the hell this was i just knew it sounded like the TV was muted my whole life lol. I've always had to sleep with white noise of some sort (usually a fan). i even have one on at work all day.


I have the FRICKIN CRICKETS in my ears 24/7! Drives me nuts! Ocean waves on the beach cancel the sound out as well.
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