Tips for getting consistent bud size for bag appeal

Here’s something to think about I use this technique to increase yield and to make my bud size consistent to increase bag appeal so when I think in terms of vegging a plant I’m thinking more about the size of root structure compared to plant size and want to have my root ball size two thirds bigger than the plant kinda a hard ratio to describe but that’s kinda how I see it I have never been a fan of long veg periods and big plants you spend more money on power consumption and I grow bud not stem so generally when I’ll start when I see roots on a cut I use heating Matt’s and I wanna use a little light as I can get away with and treat the plant with root mass stimulators as soon as possible this method can really apply to dwc grows I use 4 plants sites to a Rubbermaid style tote for my dwc 24 x16 “ and when my rootmass gets to where I want it I prune my plants back so they have 4 tops each with three or four nodes on them each depending on the strain and it’s preflower stretch and I put all the energy of five gallon root ball into about twelve bud sites per plant and the results are massive rock hard buds that are pretty close to all the same size