Tired of trainwrecking other peoples threads? Well then, come party at the captains! Trainwreck this thread with…….trains? Anything goes here……….

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Jesus I saw someone mention futurama now Uber bosses?

Best be taking about Diablo 2 none of that d3/4 junk 😂
Bro, I loved that game. Necro for life man. My buddy legit burnt his house down after his fan in his cpu died, over heated, caused a short. He ended up with 3rd degree burns on half his body. That game literally tried to kill my homie. We still play it together sometimes hahahaaha


Right now I’m running through re4 remake deadspace remake and assassins creed Valhalla on Xbox, I’m running Metroid prime remaster on switch.
Hell yah,I just purchased Valhalla yetsterday. Had RE4 for VR headset I bought my daughter for Xmas but my ex stole her daughters Xmas present. I bought the remastered version of RE2 for Xbox series x. It’s bad ass & graphics look great!
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