Today's teenagers are different....

"PC gaming has little or no place in the teenage market. This
may be because usually games are released across all
platforms, and whilst one can be sure a game will play on a
console PC games require expensive set ups to ensure a game
will play smoothly. In addition, PC games are relatively easy to
pirate and download for free, so many teenagers would do this
rather than buy a game. In contrast, it is near impossible to
obtain a console game for free."

Even fewer pc games to come is what I get from this, if there's no money in it...
Todays kids have a whole lot more to deal with than when I was younger. Quite a few of todays youngsters are left to learn life all alone as their parents are to busy if they are around at all. Many more ways for them to get into trouble.

There;s a great line in this one about record labels not realizing their records "once were a product now they're a service"