Blue Lab Truncheon for testing PPM??? Is there a good bang/buck ratio on this? I have their pH meter and so far so good for the last 6 months. As grow #2 gets under way and I take the 1000 mistakes I made in the shake down cruise, apply the wisdom from this site, the books I've read and continue to read I can see I need to pay way more scrupulous attention to nutes especially cal and mag. I have a big (not big in the usual sense...enough for 16 five gal smart pots) batch of super soil "working" but I skipped the epsom salt as I am inclined to avoid the word salt. I'll dose cal/mag via GH or Green Planet. Any thoughts on crab shell for cal. as I keep as organic as possible in soil/ProMix/Coir recipe? Thank you to all that post here with expertise I dont find many other places. BIG thanks. Feliz Navidad y peospero nuevo ano!!


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i have some blue lab meters and i've been extremely pleased with them. regarding the truncheon, i don't have one yet personally, but it's on my list because i've heard nothing but praise for it.

happy growing Liberanos5!
I been using the same $25 tester for 2 years. its never far off.I wont replace it till it dies or starts not holding tune,
I have it and it's great, turns off automatically too. It's my walking around stick. I use it to bulk mix my nutrients and double check all the res's. They have dedicated meters but I always double check.
but I skipped the epsom salt as I am inclined to avoid the word salt.
I would dis-incline yourself towards that.

When considering that every single thing the plant takes up from the soil, excepting water, is an ion of a salt (organic or not)--it becomes a bit clearer how silly this is.