Top leaves curling and skinny?

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The top leafs on my Amneshia haze auto flower seem to be coming in skinner and curling at the tips. This specific plant showed very little nutrient problems besides a few brown spots on the bottom leaves. Started it out in SOHO living soil with Fox farm ocean in the middle of the container to get the seeds started. I just watered with PH water at 6.5 and no nutrients. Then yesterday I top dressed with about a cup of chicken manure, cup of worm castings and 6 tbsp of Dr.Earth flower girl and 4 tbsp of all purpose. I don't remember if the leaves looked like this before I top dressed or not. I doubt they would have changed that much over night. Any suggestions on what might be happening? P.S. if anyone thinking chicken manure is a good idea for your indoor grow think again. My grow space smells like sweaty nut sacks. I should have used organic compost. Oops.
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Chicken manure is really high in nitrogen, I wouldn't give it to a flowering plant. Plants in flower need high P and K and low N.


Chicken is way to hot to top dress with like that. Do a little reading! If your going to top dress you need to use living soil. Otherwise there are no microbes and bacteria to eat the Chicken dung and turn it into plant food.
I'd take the top dressing off before you burn the plant.
This plant is also in flower and needs a flowering mix like 3-6-12 once a week.
The bent leaves are clawing. This is a PH lock issue.
Bring the PH down with 1 TBS Apple Cider vinegar in a watering can of water. Get it down to 6.
Soak it good.with this. Use this mix from now on 1 TBS Apple Cider vinegar in a watering can of water.
This will bring 7 L of rain water from 7 to 6.0 You can you can add more vinegar if you need. Up to 2 TBS in 7 L watering can. Just be careful you don't over do it. Check the soil PH from time to time.


If you want to grow organically there are some great posts on doing so. Look up growing in living soil.
I'm in transition myself from soil and Mirical Grow or Pro Mix Fertilizer. It takes time to start a compost bin. Get it working. Worms will come.
The trick is feeding them so they breed in your bin and give you nice Castings to base your potting soil on.
Then in a Big pot- add Hardwood Chips, Greens, Browns/Leaves or other carbon, and other good stuff like Avocado. Worms love them.
They also love rabbit raisins. Great dung as it's not hot like chicken No wood ash it's way to alchiline. Add a cover crop and let it cook. Then in 3 or 4 months plant your seedlings in it once it is alive with bugs/mold/microbes and bacteria. Simulated forest floor.
My setup.
You can even make your own fertilizer to water with.
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Hope this helps you.
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Did you check for mites? The skinny top leaves are a dead giveaway.
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