Transition From Veg To Flower..

Do you give your plants 36 hours of dark just before starting your 12/12 cycle?

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How important is it to give your plants 36 hours of dark, before the start of the flower cycle?
Thank you for your knowledge in advance.
b. Cre
Nah because you've used the method and it was not as effective compared to not giving the plant dark time..
Or just nah, because you've never done it?
Nah I've never done and see no benefit,I've stepped down hours and I've done just a straight switch of hours and not seen much difference there either,and also I flower 11on 13 off.
i was doing the gas lantern too,really didnt see any over all difrence,i got down to 9 hrs on some sativa,my problem with it is you need 4 rooms,to do it effectivly,cause when i do grow,i grow and you cant do it with just one closet to work out of,also didnt see any difrence in my utility bill,so im down with old school stuff of 12 12,lmao
I do 16/8 for veg and 11/13 for flower,not for energy reasons but mainly to get closer to the schedule they might see outdoors and also the pheno expressions are more pronounced to me with an hr less of light,my first 2.5 yrs growing I did the 18/6 and 12/12 but now I'm just doing my own weird thing lol