Trichoderma Powder Application

i've got 1 of those small tubs of Canna Trichoderma Powder, i've heard it's great when using it along with Rockdust, some Innoculants, mollasses, rootgrow and a touch of maxicrop in a bucket bubbling it with a pump and airstone to activate the trichoderma spores but the problem is i've only got the trichoderma powder and the innoculants so far but nothing else, does anyone else just use the trichoderma powder on it's own? and were the results good?

Ive never used it by itself, but have used it in a tea like you mentioned. the unfortunate thing about additives is they never really get used by themselves. i always do a side by side comparison when i try something new. see what im sayin?
not a problem. i try to do this with all my nutes/additives. have had a couple bad experiences just switching all my babies over at one time. let me know how it works out...
Bumpin this one with a Q. Does the Trichoderma work, if mixed directly into the soil, or watered with?

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I use Piranha powder, which are various trichodermas I think, and I water it in. AFAIK the Canna COGR stuff comes with the trichoderma already impregnated into the medium, so that kind of presumes that it works okay mixed in. I use Piranha in early veg in my baby juice and my plants seem to do fine - no idea if it's the trichoderma or not though.
I used the canna trichoderma on its own. Fed it only once to my veg plants once they had started growing good roots. You only need to feed it once in the plants life apprently because they then live and breed on the roots and protect them from bad bacteria/algae/fungi etc.

It definatly gave healthy roots, and was good in a bubble cloner, allthough you had to change the water more frquently as it left a sandy type thing on the bottom of the case. Ran out of it and didnt buy again, as ive never had any root problems anyway, and i had the h&g roots excelurator, which has the same sort of thing going on anyway.


Don't use Maxicrop in your tea, it's alkaline extracted, you need either a cold pressed extract or a water extract.
which brands are cold pressed do you know?

Biobizz is but they are a bit expensive.....

I am thinking of Age Old Organics kelp but can't find any information on how they make theirs.

Is Biobizz the only one?