Trichome Jungle Strains I have tried

POPS = pot of gold phyco pheno x pynamite shiva


Breeder: Trichome Jungle Seeds
Strain: P.O.P.S.
Lineage if known: pops = pot of gold phyco pheno x pynamite shiva
Grower: Ocanabis
Type (sativa/indica ratio):


<8> Density
<10> Aroma



<8> Potency
<8> Taste
<8> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
<8> Indica Influence
<8> Sativa Influence
<1> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
<2-3> Duration (In hours)
<1> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
<10> Overall Satisfaction


High Description:
Smell: Spice and skunky
Taste: Skunky
Medical Effects:
<> Medicinal Strength

<> YES

Nice combo of Spicyness and Skunky with an uplifting,motivating yet soothing high that lasts.The effects are felt upon the 1st hit and the more you smoke the stonier you get.Definately a good smoke to share with freinds or just plain ol relaxing with.I took a sample to a freinds place and we got nice and ripped.I left him with a nice size nugget that we never got to.2 days later he calls me up and told me he inturn shared it with a couple of his buddies and he reported to me that his pals just absolutely loved hi and wanted more.So I oblidged him.Tonight I have my closest budy comin over and I fully intend on getin him ripped.(he has a high tolerence level)

Strain Report For - Mantis- Lemon Pheno (2) Pheno's
Breeder - Trichome Jungle Seeds
Seedbank - Bidzbay

Grow room specs:
Indoor or out:

Lighting / indoor
Amongst a mixed strain garden powered by (2) Plantstar E 40/ES 600W HPS in Cool Tubes with a 265 Vortex Exhaust.Grown in 1.8 l pots

Medium (mix and system)
Sunshine #4 mix fed with Organics foods

Ventilation and average temperatures (describe ventilation plus average day and night temps)
Pasive intake and exhaust. Carbon filtered exhausts.

Average Daytime Temp: 80
Max Daytime Temp: 82
Min Daytime Temp: 75

Average Dark Temp: 65
Max Dark Temp: 70
Min Dark Temp: 65

Grow style (trimmed, SOG)
I trimmed a few of the lower branches and force flowered short at 4 weeks. Not quite a SOG as the plants were given some space.Planted at 1 pr/sq foot or 9 pr sq. metre

Fertilisers used (veg and flower ferts - type and amount)

A.N/'s M.E. Tea (grow)

Veg: mix pr 4/l
30 ml A.N."s M.E.Tea (grow)
5 ml L. Karma
PH 6.0

Bloom:mix pr 4/l
30 ml A.N.'s M.E. Tea( bloom)
5 ml L. Karma
15 ml Black Strap Molases
PH 6.0-6.3
Grow and Plant:

Germination: (x out of x seeds grew, method (dirt, paper towel etc and marks out of 10 for ease and vigour)

5 of 5 germinated.
2 of 5 female.
Germed in paper towel and placed inside a zip lock bagie kept warm. in a closet
10 / 10

Vigour of vegetative Growth: (describe and marks out of 10)

steady healthy growth for sure but nothing above average.

Two distinct variations on type. One shorter and stockier with more bushyness but smaller less spread leaves. The second one was lankier in height and not a lot of brancking
7 / 10

Vigour of flowering growth: (describe and marks out of 10)

Turned on the pace a little into flowering. Both produced thick sticky bud clusters with very little need for maintenance.
7 / 10

Yield: (Amount per plant and marks out of 10)

Lankier one yielded better than the shorter one and could on the outside be consider a "good" yielder, the other yielded less but was more potent with better flavour.
7 / 10

Ease of growth: (describe and marks out of 10)

Not picky at all. Very easy. Needed a little extra care in flowering but was largely trouble free. Stretch in veg and flower was largely controllable.

Both Pheno's would possibly suit a SOG, stems are flexible despite being stout. The lankier one would make a fairly ideal SOG plant with growth generally being centred on a large main cola and side branching being mostly vertical.
8 / 10

Dried Bud:

Appearance / Bag Appeal: (Consider the trichome coverage, the quality of manicure, the colour, the density, the amount of bud against stem/leaf etc, describe and marks out of 10)

Easy to trim, not too much leaf matter. A little less than rock hard but nicely firm and formed none the less. The trichome coverage is exceptional and generally elicits the reaction of fantasic meds
8 / 10

Smell: (Consider the odour on opening the bag, on crumbling and whilst smoking, describe and marks out of 10)
Short Pheno
The best description I have is "deliciously Citrusy Lemon thats incredibly pungent,
8 / 10
Tall Pheno
The best description I have is "deliciously Spicy/Zesty Tangy Lemon thats incredibly pungent,
8 / 10
Taste: (Consider the smoking flavour, describe and marks out of 10)

The taste mimics the odour (strong and pungent, Citrusy Lemon's), very expansive and thick smoke and leaves the Tangness on your lips and tung.(yummy)
8 / 10

High Description

It's a vey nice high but comes on strong and fast & heady. with a mellow body stone. After an hour or so it tapers of to a nice head buz thats mind expandining and some what tripy. nice mix of head and body.

Head High Quality: (What does it do to you as regards cerebral activity, describe and marks out of 10)
8 / 10
The 1st hour was very tripy then mellowed out to a super nice head high

Head High Duration: (How long were you thinking, describe and marks out of 10)
8 / 10
3-4 hrs depending on toerence

Body High Quality: (Body stone, effects on muscles, joints, couch lock etc, describe and marks out of 10)
5 / 10
Nice and relaxing

Body High Duration: (How long were you warm and fuzzy, describe and marks out of 10)
8 / 10
Final Notes
Short Pheno
This is some very exotic and potent meds,particularily the short pheno.She was so potent I wouldn't recomend operating any machinery or anything thats require your attension.Be prepared for a trip .(keeper if you find her)
Tall Pheno
This one is more spicy/zesty/funky lemon.the Lemon is a bit mellower and the buz is more head high but not racy.Very super nice kleen buzz thats good for brain/soul food thats definately worth keeping.
So thats about her.If there's some you need to now or in case I had forgoten to mention some thing.Just ask

I'd like to add now that after an 8-10 week cure thats she now taste very much like lemon Lime.The taste is tart/sour lime.The high is very upity.I have been just hamerrin on the key boards and just ramblin on and I feel like I could go on for ever.It's not to racy but you really feel energetic and you want to do some thing.
Very,very nice herbs indeed.
Purple Pynamite Shiva

Purple Pynamite Smoke Report


Breeder: Trichome Jungle
Strain: Purple Pynamite
Lineage if known: Krowberry x Pynamite/Shiva
Grower: Ocanabis
Judge: same
Type (sativa/indica ratio): 50/50


<7> Density
<8> Aroma

Athough its not rock hard dence it is very repectable.The aroma really fills the nostrels with dankness.


<7> Potency
<8> Taste
<10> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
<50%> Indica Influence
<50%> Sativa Influence
<2> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
<2-3> Duration (In hours)
<?> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
<10> Overall Satisfaction


High Description: 50/50 Indica/sativa.Uplifting with out the couch lock yet relaxing
Smell: Top shelf with Mushy/earthy/lemon Lime /Spice and Skunks.
Taste:lemon Lime Skunk to Musky and Earthy tones.
Medical Effects:
<> Medicinal Strength

<> NO

Super easy to grow.I had colors from Pinks to hints of Purple.The high is a mix of body and head.I'd say 50/50.She would be a very good all day and evening smoke thats not racy.It soothing/relaxing but still funcionall herbs.I grew them out from 12/12 from seed and I wish I had veged them longer.She/they were extremely pleasing to the eye to look at and it would have been that much nicer to see them in large bush form.
The aroma's range from musky earthy / spicy tones to Lemon Lime and Skunk.Very exilerating to smell these ladies.The Pink pheno is Musky/earthy tastes while the green pheno is more Lemon Lime and Skunk.Both are very tatsy and smooth on the lungs.
Definately worth growing and lookin for that all elusive keeper.
Thanks for listening
catch ya later

Sonic Seeds

wow , ocan great pics and reports , i for got about these good to see um again mate , was at bmans the other day . managed to grap some seeds will hit you up with some new testers from him mate ,

oh and good news pynamite is back , pure pynamite , which is uk pineapple x dynamite , i got the dynamite in 2000 from vancouver , went and collected the seeds my self lol ,

any ways , i saved one seed and planted it some months back , the new girl .[was hoping for a dad ] is far better than the last one we dont have any more , this one is a super stinker , stocky quick and full of resin ,

the pynamite shiva bman used was an awsome male .
but i feel the shiva let the cross down some what , the male he chose was more pynamite , pineapple dom , which is why the crosses from him are so good , the new pynamite gonna get hit up with pinequeen male and shimla male next .....

shiva was such a nice strain back in the day but the one i used was a bit dry , i hope to make a shiva remake when i find the right combo and release it as sonic's shiva .

the pynamite shiva male was a true stud , lolandy put a pack i gave him in the fridge , water dripped into the pack from the back of the fridge and 2 seeds gemred ,in the cold, one of them is the one bman used ,

just a bit of info , good things are in the works from the trichome jungle , some serious kush crosses on the way , ill keep you all posted till bman gets back on the net

bannana man

lovely post mate ,lots more for you to run mate ,mantis x pink kush ,mantis x cheese x pursang,,and many more ,,would you like to test them mate ?