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When should I trim off the undergrowth and popcorn? They are only a week in now. Thanks! :)


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As soon as it's obvious they won't get adequate lighting. The less energy put into those buds the better your main colas will come out.


I trim the popcorn but not any leaves unless I'm doing a Scrog... All leaves should be left IMHO


my plants mostly end up bigger then they should for my 250/400w the lower groth would not get enough light and die after some time..
The Kind Man

The Kind Man

I trim the bottoms all the way through flowering, but I personally leave one small branch with some bud sites on the bottom of the plant. If you are experiencing any deficiency that is the first place you’re going to see it, and hopefully you can see and correct the problem before it effects the whole plant. But do not get me wrong, I do trim up to a third of the plant along with topping and fimming of main shoots to encourage large top buds. But leaving one branch down there does help out. Also cutting the tips of the leaves and leaving around 60% of the leaf intact help gets light to down to the lower canopy and will not disrupt photosynthesis or sugar production/storage and helps the yield tremendously.
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