True Terpenes VISCOSITY extract liquifier LAB TESTS: Mineral oil but no terps!!

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Thanks to the original author ExtractNinja for sharing this info!

Fellow concentrators: If you use True Terpenes beware!

I'm sharing these lab tests (costing me more than $600) to get the word out about the lies True Terpenes is telling regarding their extract liquifier product: Viscosity diluent

I choose to have Viscosity tested at two labs because I really disliked the product. It left a burning/irritating sensation in my throat and a bad taste in my mouth. I had enough Viscosity left to justify testing it to see if I wanted to keep using it (I don't!).

They claim that their dilutant is made from 100% terpenes, but it's NOT. According to lab results it's really "a blend of some very heavy, non-volatile, odorless material, along with some mineral oil". The lab ruled out squalene as an ingredient.

Sadly, it's apparent that True Terpenes is lying and ripping people off. The very people who are specifically looking for a terpene based dilutant. And on top of that, True Terpenes is charging an INSANE amount of money for what is very inexpensive mineral oil and some unknown non-terpene material.

So, if you don't want to vape mineral oil and some unknown, non-terpene material (possibly derived from petroleum oil), STAY AWAY from True Terpenes.

I decided to pay for two separate GC/MS analyses of True Terpenes Viscostiy extract liquifier (at two different labs) to make sure there really is mineral oil as an ingredient. I didn't believe the first lab because I didn't think True Terpenes would actually include mineral oil into a vape product used for medicine. However, after the second lab had the same results as the first lab there is no denying the sad fact True Terpenes is lying.

Lab test #1: I'm waiting on the final report from the first lab test of Viscosity. The lab found mineral oil and some very heavy, non-volatile, odorless material they suspect may be some type of petroleum derived synthetic isoparaffin solvents. Once I receive the final report I'll share it here.

Lab test #2: Below are the results from the second lab test of Viscosity. This was carried out at Essential Oil University by Dr. Robert Pappas, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. It's one of the best, if not the best labs for analyzing terpenes in the entire world. Dr. Pappas reported that squalene was not found in the sample.

If I can figure out how to upload a PDF I'll share the actual report.

Per Dr. Pappas:
The sample did not show any signs of terpenes in the mixture. The sample is a blend of some very heavy, non-volatile, odorless material, along with some mineral oil.

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