Trying A Perpetual Grow.. Help Aprecciated

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guys I'm starting this journal mid grow with other strains on the side lines waiting to be Introduced.

I'll start with the basics. My maint three plants. All three were given to me mature all I did was flip. That's why there is no training. And I'm not entirely convinced the strains he told me they were are accurate.I use AN connoisseur ab ,bud factor x ,orca , bud candy, big bud, overdrive, cal mag. All used at appropriate times.

I have a mars Ii 1600 led and mars 600 led on what I call phase 1. Phase 2 is a 1k hps and just waiting on funds for a better ac to run phase 3 another 1k watt hps on the empty side of the shed. The shed is insulated , panda film lots of fans for air circulation. And I hand feed every day to make sure there is no mistake. As of now I'm just trying to get more funds to make the room better. I welcome any input to the grow room or the grow itself nothing is set in stone. The shed is 14x 8

@38 days flowering grown in compost organic soil. My chocolate chip cookies


@31 days grown in organic compost soil Sour Tangie.


@28 days grown dwc mango kush

@15 days flowering homemade not sure it's gonna work dwc one tipped over didn't bother putting it back up.

@ 10 days flowering 3 strains. In 1 gallon pots platinum gsc, guerrilla cookies, og cookies

@ 5 days flowering 1 blue dream in compost soil
It's in the picture above all the way to the right it sticks out.


Mango kush at day 33 coming along nicely looks like it will yield decently and thricome production is amazing

Choco chip (supposedly) is at day 43 and over drive has made the buds fatten up nicely thricomes are cloudy with mi I also amber so I'm starting a flush.



Sour tangie at day 36 the nugs have gotten frostier and the density on the popcorn. Is amazing no fluffy at all I'm hoping over drive will give them a good kick too

Girl Scouts crosses at day 15
First time with this strains and the frosty was from the get go is amazing can't wait to see how they get better.

They stretched out far the og
Cookies and guerrilla cookies. But the platinum gsc (the smaller ones ) have great node spacing and already swelling no wonder these strains got so popular(been out of the weed game since 2013)

Quick question guys for these taller stretched out cookie strains should I worry about light penetration with a 1k because that's where they are going on day 20. Or should I leave them with the 2 leds.
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I've finding it hard to choose chopping day, I'm in no rush. My choco chip strains has mainly milky thrichromes with 5-10 amber. I leeched her 11 days ago and. O thing but ro water run off went from 1700ppm to 200ppm and 11 days later it looks like the plant is still alive and heathy no sign of it eating up at reserves on the fan leaves



Almost done drying maybe tomorrow
Looking good smoked some lower bud that already dried but didn't cure and I'm still high. Definitely a great high.
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