Trying Organics With Better Organix

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Away We Grow

Little Background-- Coming from Synthetics In Pro-mix.. I was using Botanicare Kind with Supplements.. Had amazing results, but honestly trying to go down a different path after learning more about organics. I was once blinded by the fancy pictures and cool names.. So no shame in this game.. Here to show real results whether they be good or bad and learn from it.. I have some great friends/family that will help me a long the way..


20160321_145228.jpg to purchase or look over any products..
If you have specific questions I am sure I can answer it or find you the answer.
[email protected] is one of my great sources for any helpful information.

No matter what products you choose or brand.. Hope you enjoy the thread and maybe learn some things or teach me some new things.. :D
Well what good is a growing journal without the start of some plants..

3/23 Lee Roy Strain--- Was in solo cup and mostly only got just water.. Was not taken care of at all and made a great experiment plant since Lee Roy by raredankness pheno I have hates everything.. LOL.

As you can see by this photograph.. I cut off probably at least a foot to top this thing and bring her back down to height for the transplant..


3 days later our lee roy is showing to take great to the Better Organix.. Very pleased with how fast they are taking off and the health of the new growth..

Quick Note-- 3 days was what it took from Estonia to my doorstep.. Very pleased with the shipping in a discrete box incase anyone is curious... Very well packaged no issues to date.. Remember the products are very concentrated we growers now all about trying to push the limit but start at a low dose.. LOL


Lee roy is looking fantastic and got its first application of nano breathe

Nano Breathe is a 100% organic CO2 and micronutrient boosting foliar product. It can be used as a foliar spray treatment for all plants, delivering high concentrations of CO2, improving your plants' response to photosynthesis, thus increasing health and yield

Blue stick is my beating stick for my plants when they get out of line and to strengthen them up.. LOL

Got Side Tracked Here is some Quick Information on current products that has touched this plant.

Better Organix, Bio-Balance Media is a soil drench treatment rich in humates, humic, fulvic, organic acids and potassium (10% K2O, dry weight). Naturally derived humic powder acts to improve the conditions of growing media, aggregating particles, improving capacity for growing media to hold air, water and balance nutrients in to plant ready forms, preventing plant vital nutrient leaching, and protecting plants by restricting absorption of heavy metals/ toxins through plant root systems. Bio-Balance Media is suitable for all plant types, grass, flora, trees, shrubs and vegetables.
Note: It is likely foods grown in soils lacking adequate humic acid content, are also devoid of many essential nutrients vital to human health. Bio-Balance Media should be a regular part of any program involving healthy food production.

Better Organix, Bio-Hydrate is a next generation wetting agent that is 100% plant safe and non-toxic. It works to reduce the surface tension of water repellent media, to ensure even soaking and distribution of water and nutrient solutions even on very dry surfaces, leading to improved growth and plant health with a reduction on overall water inputs.
Bio-Hydrate can also be used in foliar applications alongside all Better Organix products, and is safe to use with our entire bio and nano product range, unlike many traditional ionic wetters. It greatly reduces residues from leaf spraying applications and improves coverage of any added feeds, increasing the value of your entire nutrient range.
Bio-Hydrate can help in the production of SOD's (Superoxide dismutases), improving plant defense mechanisms and increasing the nutrient value of our food crops and more.
In today’s water pressured world, Bio-Hydrate can be an excellent way to maximize every drop of precious H2O whilst supporting your plants and gardens.

Better Organix, K+AMINO is a 100% organic plant matter derived liquid additive, that contains a source of readily available L-amino acids, phyto-hormones, organic forms of Potassium and powerful beneficial plant bacteria which assist development from seed to harvest. K+AMINO improves plant growth rates by stimulating the production of naturally occurring Growth hormones, increasing structure and yield potential. K+AMINO improves a plants natural resistance to both root bound or foliar based pests and diseases via the inclusion of bacterially active silicon, this works to regulate your plants internal sap pH, in turn, this allows your plant to take up more nutrients across the growth cycle, retaining a better health and balance. The silicon in K+AMINO also works by improving calcium uptake in plant cells and encouraging beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, trichoderma fungus, yeasts, soil molds and bacteria, that act to inhibit pathogenic activity and reduce insects and soft bodies pests and leaf/ root molds. K+AMINO increases essential oil production delivering crucial Gene Protiens and VOC’s which stimulate the plants sugar uptake, defensive mechanisms and overall alertness through live phototrophic and root based biological interactions. K+AMINO provides sources of macro & micro nutrients required directly by plants and soil microbes for healthy growth and a balanced environment. K+AMINO is safe for animals, humans, soil ecology, and is non-hazardous to water systems.
4/1 I want to really show how explosive the growth is for the size of this plant.. By far my best looking gg#4 so far in terms of growth

No issues to date with any plants currently running Better Organix.. Believe me I was nervous before starting my organics because I was worried with if I would get the same growth rates as my Botanicare Kind line with extra's because I am absolutely pleased with it.. I would just like to make the switch to organics. Needless to say I am beating my growth rates with some good microbes..

There really is a good feeling about having a great looking plant and knowing I took the next step on the switch to organics.. :D

The spots on any plants are from nano breathe.. Fully Organic does not harm the plant at all..

4/2 this quadrant is Better Organix only.. I am keeping them separated for time being from all my botanicare plants to keep up with my testing and how I feel on the results so far..

Note--- My go to guy which you will see in this thread is @Ecompost .. He is veryyyyy knowledgeable on organics and there products and has been one of my friends who helped me make the switch and learn.. If you see us talking crap or talking dirty over music videos.. its cool I swear.. LOL

As Pictured

Top 2 Fruit Punch
Middle--- Left is younger gg#4 right--- Older gg#4
Bottom-- Left I believe is fruit punch--- Right is Lee Roy

Look at bottom right that was our completely sick and root bound lee roy.. She looks FanFuckingTastic

Quick Note I like my bitches wet.. Makes for good Plant porn.. LOL

4/4 just peeking my head in and looking at our bigger gg#4.. Still blown away by the size and growth in the 1 gal pot with just the basics.. I haven't even started giving Bio-veg to date.. :D When I get off my lazy ass and take root porn photo's also your little winkie will be raising to the roof... REAL TALK.. LOL

Loving her growth and look.. You can see the spots of nano breathe on the lowers... Shows how much explosive growth we are having.. If you notice random 3 leafs on this I had a timer issue.. no worries at all she will throw a few and keep on trucking..

LOL I forgot to mention I have a gg#4 in a 5 gal. She was originally using Botanicare kind lineup.. During transplant I switched over to Better Organix since was so pleased with the two above gg#4 results.. here she is

4/1 ----- Look closely at the plant tag marker... Wink wink HI @Ecompost

LMAO thought it was funny and lucky my camera saves dates for silly people like me who forget to add my pictures in order.. LOL

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