Trying to identify the issue with leaves

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Hi, I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my plants, out of 8 plants in my grow 3 have yellow leaves like in the picture.
They’re all still growing at a good pace. I’m pretty sure I was over watering them in the beginning but for about a week now I’ve been only watering when dry. I’ve been using fox farms big bloom and just added fox farms grow big according to the feeding schedule they recommend. I’ve been keeping temp and humidity at around 70. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
Trying to identify the issue with leaves 2
Trying to identify the issue with leaves 3


It's just because those leaves need to be pulled, those were starter leaves to get the plant thriving, and mobile nutrients can move up and down a plant wherever the plant requires it. So it looks like your plant needed more nutrients and pulled fr the lowest leaves which is 100 percent normal. Just remove those bottom trash leaves and that will encourage more upper growth to want to form, why feed dead leaves?? Or sometimes as we water our plants the nutrients in the water can burn the leaves if the water with nutes hits the lower leaves. Everything is fine and normal tho growmie, you have no worries


Just my two cents but I don't see a problem. not yet anyway. The lower leaves just die off, part of the life cycle. Keep the water and nutes in tune and things will go just fine. Your plants look just fine to me.

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