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Hello everyone. Welcome to my journal. I needed a place to journal my grows and work so here I am. I run a perpetual grow with about 40-60 plants at any given time in various stages. I will have alot of different strains and clones coming through so sit back and enjoy the grow show lol.

List of Current Strains Growing ( Veg-Cloning-Flowering-Germinating)

Suga King #1-4 by IHG
Sugarcane #1-4 by IHG
Ice Cream Candy #1-2 by IHG
MacDaddy #1 by IHG
Royal Platinum #1-2 by IHG
Tricopath #1 by IHG
AppleJax #1-2 by IHG
Jungle Diamonds #1 by IHG
OMFG #1-3 by Exotic Genetix
Platinum Gushers #1 by IHG
Jelly Pancakes #1-3 by IHG
White Truffle By Beleaf ( Pink Box Clones )
Mac1 ( Cap's Cut ) by PinkBox Clones
La Kush Cake ( Seed Junky ) Pink Box Clones
Papaya Punch by Oni ( CashOnly Clone )
Fruity Pebblez by Alien Genetics ( CashOnly Clone)
Deluxe Sugarcane #2 ( 6 clones total ) by IHG
Red Runtz #1-2 by Exotic Genetix
Northern Lights by Seedsman's Seeds
Alaskan Purple Kush #1-3 by Seedsman's Seeds
9lb Hammer #1 by Jinxproof
Gelly Biscuit #1-2 by Solfire Gardens
Banana Punch #1-3 by Symbiotic Genetics


Nice variety there.
Thanks. I am moving off In House after this next round. I am finding way too many hermies along the way with their genetics. Many are fine but it seems a certain strain is really the culprit.
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