For Sale TurboKlone T24 (70$) and T48 (140$) - Free Shipping

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These are used turbokloners, the 24-site version and the 48-site version. In perfect working condition. They've always been cleaned and sanitized after each use. Minor salt buildup on the pumps. The 24-site one doesn't have that gimmicky fan on the side of it that forces air into the reservoir. It was giving me problems, not changing the water temp, and a friend asked for it so I gave it away. The 48-site one still has its fan (I don't recommend using it though). I've got brand new collars too, 21 of the stiffer types and 25 of the softer types. I've used both with good success. Whoever buys one of the cloners first gets the collars. 70$ for the T24, 140$ for the T48. Free shipping. Buy them both and I'll take 20$ off the order.
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