Turned off supplemental lights for flowering, switched fertilizer now have real problems

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My two clones I got locally in mid October were doing pretty good, growing outdoors. I transplanted them into 10 gallon pots a month later. They are in the Hawai’i sunshine with 32 Watts of LED full spectrum light to supplement and keep them in vegetative state. (Works- kept the lights on till about midnight). They grew to about 36 inches high, nice bushy plants, I only pinched the top out one time when they were little.

My dirt is a little different in each of the two pots - one I put lots of our local volcanic ash based soil, some of my compost, and a little 0-46-0, 0-0-60, some dolomite and some ground local coral. I understand the soil chemistry, have done soil test on the property, but I didn’t test this specific soil. The other I used mostly Pro Mix and some ground spagnum, some pearlite and a little dolomite, ground coral, 0-46-0 and 0-0-60. Both plants were going well in this, with weekly feedings of Miracle Gro.

On January 7 I removed the LED supplemental lights, now they are getting a little less than 12 hours of sunshine a day. I switched from my weekly feedings of Miracle Gro to General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom 4-8-7 and Armor Si 0-0-4

I hadn’t looked at them closely in a few days as it’s been raining a lot here, they didn’t need to be watered, and I’m trying to get a greenhouse finished so I can put them in there to keep water off the buds and hopefully prevent the bud rot that got started last time.

I’ve got problems! I’m getting a whole lot of leaves turning yellow, and leaves are getting purple. The top larger leaves are especially purple, less on the lower leaves on the plants. I’m thinking my fertilizer is out of whack.Not going to fertilize more until I get this figured out. Please help!


Maybe that 46 P and 60 K with no nitrogen is throwing everything out of whack?
The plants have been growing in that for 3 months and doing great. I added that as our local soil has a lot of iron and aluminum which binds tightly to P and somewhat to K so our soils need supplement. I was wanting to reduce the N in my fertilizer as Miracle Gro is 24-8-16.
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