UC 16buckets 13gal in a trailer, 10,000 Watts. 6 tons (Jack Inspired)

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Thanks for the comments all. We'll be focusing on getting the ladies to focus on new growth now that they seem out to be out of shock.

loving your system mate. and great idea to use a trailer too. so what are these 16 different strains?
Lemon Kush
Casy Jones
Strawberry Kush
NL 5
Sour Grapes
Mystery dawg
Mendo atgoo
OG Kush
Blue Dream
Sweet tooth
Green Kush (aka green crack)
purple Kush
Strawberry cough

Two are duplicates, so a total of 14 diff strains.

love your setup. Your plants will do fine. Can you tell me where you ordered it? I'd like to order one of these. The a/c cools 16k of lights, that is great. I'd at least like to get that a/c. It is hard to find a rooftop a/c around here that isn't 3 phase.
RV rooftop A/C's. Here is an example.


Well, a flush and the flip to 12/12 will happen tomorrow.

I expected better filling of the area, but will have to lower the net.

I think they are just now, truly getting over the shock.






Chillin' in the Shade...
Glad to see the girls coming through... Does it seem like they're still missing something? How's the flow and bubbles through all the buckets or were the pumps off during the photos? :wondering


Glad to see the girls coming through... Does it seem like they're still missing something? How's the flow and bubbles through all the buckets or were the pumps off during the photos? :wondering
Yes, from my side they are definitely missing something. Airflow is good... it's as good as it was on day one.

I wanted to upgrade the pump, but Jacks first run was done on the default pumps. I may bite the bullet and pick something bigger and run both pumps.


Pump sizing will be fine givin you're running a stock UC system which is sized with pumps that rock it. I don't see aeration in your modules, check your lines, chrome air splitter, etc. to make certain flow isn't restricted. Also center the stones directly beneath the plants for best results.

Judging by the lack of leaf luster/shine/turgidity I would say you'renute strength is likely a little too high. Reason being is high EC/PPM levels hinder water uptake and make leaf tissue seem slightly dehydrated.

Also looks as though you should be running your water level higher, remember the more aerated solution you have, the more perfect root habitat you're providing.

If anything, give CC a call cause they'll dial you better than I, that's for certain.


Must spread reputation around before giving more to UCMENOW...

Thanks! The picture doesn't show it, crappy cell phone pic. The bubbles are there for sure.

Nute strength was set to 400 PPM with 150 Cal/Mag plus CANNA A+B to 400. Then Cannazym and Rhizotonic at 1/2 strength. My fill reservoir has been at 400ppm and 5.7PH. PH in the UC started at 5.7 and slowly moved up and sits between 6.0 and 6.1 with water temp at 67-68.

The water level is not 100% level so the front buckets have roots touching the bottom of the net and the back buckets have the first whole covered (the first layer of hydroton is in the water) Should it be lower?


I run mine 2 inches above the netpot in veg. May be your lights are to close. Try backing them off a little bit see if they like it.
Tsunami Rose

Tsunami Rose

I didnt realize you were running the canna product line. Im very happy to see that tho, as i am doing the same. Not using the cannazym since ive got clones & new coco, but i started with the rhizo a&b, pk13/14 & have yet to add some boost.

Everything's looking good tho :] Glad to see your girls are over the shock!


Thank you all for the comments...

Because it's so cold out, I was able to turn on 2 more lights. I don't have enough electricity in my sub panel to run the A/C's and all the lights, but the A/C's are not turning on, so I've got 12,000 watts in there now. (Mostly Dual Arc lamps, with 2 straight HPS lamps.

I've been pretty busy, but the ladies are doing better. There is a lemon kush that simply wont get healthy and the roots are not as white as the others. I will let her stay in the system as long as she does not get worse, but she hasn't grown at all in the last couple weeks.

Ladies are 4 days in 12/12.

The fill rez now has bloom nutes. Canna A/B, Rhizo, Canazyme above a 150 Cal/Mag base using ~20PPM R/O to start with. SM-90 (minimum recommended strength per the bottle instructions), roots excelerator (33% minimum recommended) and a capful of H2O2 every time I walk in the trailer to the epicenter.
Here is what the trailer looks like now.

From the front entry door.


One of two filters hanging. They pull the air out and keep negative pressure in the trailer. Plenty of cold air gets in through a vent setup in a similar way.


From the back looking forward.


rom the front looking back... because there are so many different strains, the net had to be set at an angle. Towards the back, Most purple urkels, where the same and GDP. There are three at the back end that are also different strains for testing and they are quite a bit bigger.


Some nice big leaves :-)


This fool needs to get out of the purple patch!


Power center gallor!


Here is some damage I believe I did setting my fill rez to PH 3.3 in or der to drop my over all PH... Most of the new growth looks good though, so I hope she's over her shock. I've never seen this before, but like I said, it's all good now and I won't adjust the ph this way anymore. From now on I'll use diluted PH down a little at a time if needed.


Yodas Master

Wow, i wish i had done alot more research before starting my warehouse. Your trailer idea is fantastic... Portable, i assume as well. Damn great sir.Throughly impressed from start to finish!! Those ladies look perfect!!!


man that's a sick setup! i got question why do you have those expensive ass hood covers on when you are not running it air cooled even? just wondering if you already owned those so you already had them on from another grow or if you got them for this setup.
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