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So, everyone was waiting on it before it arrived, I was wondering if anyone has actually pulled the trigger on one of the Pro's and has had success banging a run or two out. I can't believe I've yet played with one, I know I can do big things with it. I wanted to hear from those that have done or seen those big things we all wanted to see come true..

I was wondering the average veg time people are running. Also, where do your ppms get when running a pro. I was hoping people could share lighting used and layout as well as nute line you run those trees with. If your kind enough to share gpw or per plant yield that would be greatly appreciated. I know your out there, chime into the farm and let us know how you do it...

Thanks for everyone's time... A4FD


They are to expensive to try. You have to be certain you are all in to spend that. Besides I know how to build them allot cheaper so I will probably never splurge on one. I would love to see a report on one.


Man I have keep a eye on this thread I know a lot of us hear on the farm have a little DIY in our blood because for years we had to make most of the stuff we needed , I would love to see what the pro can do in good hands not a rock star but a guy with a year our to of hard work under his belt. Someone rise and show

us what were missing.. Well I put my 2 cents in nice post bro I hope it gets somewhere ..?


Once my water issues are settled out I will post a log or show some pictures. I am in the same boat as hogan and this is not a problem I can just keep trying to throw money at.


My problem seems to be solved. Super strange as crssttii and I have engaged in lengthy conversation and seems we had identical issues under very similar circumstances. I believe his are better now too..


What ended up fixing your issues hogan400? just curious to see what you used.
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