One of my flower rooms is about 3.5 weeks into flower. I'm running a 15 site 13gal UCE. The room is 7 x 14. I'm running a co2 burner, AC, 1hp chiller, and H&G nutes.

My system is running at 5.9 PH at the moment, and 450 PPM, 67 degree rez temps.

Every single plant looks as good as they can. But the explosive growth that they have been experience has pushed some of the stems above my hoods. The plants are showing bud sights everywhere.

My question is should I prune everything so that the canopy is a foot below my lights, or do I just let these girls ride it out? I'm running 6k in vented hoods.

My room looks like a complete jungle wall to wall to ceiling filled with lush green ladies.