Uk : £240k Cannabis Factory Found In Ramsbottom Semi

A £240,000 cannabis factory has been uncovered by police in Ramsbottom.

Officers found the plants spread across several rooms in the semi-detached house in Bolton Road West.

They said there was sophisticated equipment and lighting used to help the plants mature.

No one was living in the house at the time and no arrests have been made.

Sgt Paul Tresnan, from Ramsbottom area policing team, said: "The rooms were full of cannabis plants and a very sophisticated heating and irrigation system had been put in place. The plants and the equipment have now been destroyed."

It is the second time this year that a cannabis farm has been discovered in Ramsbottom while others have been located throughout the borough.

Now, private and commercial landlords are being urged to assist police in helping locate existing cannabis farms and prevent new ones from springing up.

Sgt Tresnan said: "There are more and more cannabis farms being uncovered in rented houses across Bury and we need the public's help to stop them.

"If you are a landlord and you have any suspicions about a current or potential tenant then think twice about allowing them to rent your property.

"It might seem like good business, cash up front for the next few months and no need to visit the premises, but if your not 100 per cent happy then don't be tempted.

"Cannabis is still classed as an illegal substance, so the consequences of it being grown in properties can be devastating.

"At best, your property will be trashed inside and will need a lot of work before it can be re-let.

"At worst, your property could catch fire and be burnt out due to illegal abstraction of electricity and the lives of anyone living in adjoining homes could be at risk."