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Evening guys

Here to start a 🇬🇧 growers circle like the old days non of this insta hype or bravado

Tips/Trades/General Chat

Here’s a couple of shots of my GMP from Spitfire genetics she a peach male hit with skunk master flex GMO

Set up currently
2 X 1150 Gavita Pro
2 X 600w Lumatek LED
Co2 (Bottles and sensor)
10” Isomax (over sized for room 😅)
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spitfire genetics
Tiizer- Peach cubez x Skittez
Week 6 ish
No Higher than 1.8 EC
Canna A&B
Canna Boost

What are people growing at the minute?
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Hey, total newbie in Scotland here. I just purchased an SF1000 kit (70 x 70 x 160), saw it at £249 in the sales- bought on a total whim- just arrived today. No idea what I'm doing!
BioBizz All-Mix, Grow and Bloom already delivered.
Random selection of seeds in the post, so there's no backing out now!
Any advice for a first time grower?
Not sure if I should stick to one plant and take the time to train it out? Or put lots of em in and flip to flowering earlier, not worry so much about the training?
I'm taking it up into a really cold loft space. Planning on putting a heat mat under the tent. Should I be looking at other options on top of that? Small oil radiator maybe? I'm up in the Highlands and there'll likely be some chilly nights before spring.
Any advice or pointers will be gratefully recieved...I know nothing except what I've picked up on Reddit in the last few days


Hello pal

hope your good

oil rad a great idea for heat but make sure you all set up with your extraction nice and safe (Straight into chimney normally works if in loft anyway)

my first tent actually on here you know 😂 2014 maybe the thread is somewhere. I’d fill tent with what you can especially first time and if struggling for height flip them nice and early

get yourself a ph pen and ec stick blue lab are decent

keep us posted with some pics when you set up
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