UK : Home Office considers downgrading ecstasy


Up grade Cannabis but down grade Es???? Then Heroin then Speed BUT Cannabis will still be number one enemy of the state?

By James Kirkup, Political Correspondent

The legal status of Ecstasy could be reviewed, the Home Office said.

The admission follows the appointment of Professor David Nutt, as the chairman of the Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), the advisory body on drug classification.

Prof Nutt has publicly suggested the legal penalties for possessing Ecstasy and LSD have not stopped people using them. Experts estimate as many as 500,000 young people take Ecstasy every weekend despite it being a Class A drug for which people found possessing it can face up to seven years in prison and an unlimited fine.

In 2006, Prof Nutt said LSD and Ecstasy "probably shouldn't be class A".

A Home Office spokesman said: "The ACMD will consider the evidence for the classification of Ecstasy with an open mind based upon its social misuse and harms relative to other drugs in the classification system."