Under Current Evolution 936 Dark Room 150

Current Culture Under Current Evolution 9
  • Quad lids (4 x 5.5 heavy duty net pots)
  • Custom cut 2" module interconnects
  • Overall dimensions are 50" x 54"
Dark Room 150
1000w Hortilux MH
Radiant 6
Vortex 6

L.A. Confidential ala McPuffin.


where did you purchase this system if you dont mind me asking? thanks..
UC of Green Vegetation Station

During transfer from Canna coco to UC, and for the first 24hrs, I used a 2' 4 lamp T5 6500k.
2nd day a Quantum Bad Boy 4' 12 lamp T5 6500k about 12" - 18" away from the top of the canopy.
4th day, roots showing, lowered the quantum down to about 6" - 12" from canopy.
Once the roots are fully established, the MH will get put to work.

Canna Aqua Vega @ 4ml per gallon (1/2 strength)
Canna Rhizotonic @ 7.5ml per gallon (1/2 strength)
PH 5.8
PPM 420 +/- 10
H2O Temp 68 - 74
Atmospheric Temp 66 - 78
Relative Humidity 55%
Hey Bro
Looking good.
I'm wondering if you could share what size pumps are stock for that system.
Also what media are you using in the netcups? How did the transfer from coco go?
looking clean bro keep up the good work. you will be the first to show people howthis can be used in a setup not the size of a warehouse lol. those roots are from 24 hours?