under starters orders

ok here we go ghs cheese clone in 25litre pot 4 weeks veg and 3 days into bud using budblood again after the ice budblood use i was more than impressed. i got 3oz of this plant last time under a 600w with 9 other plants so hoping for great things
going to be using canna coc A+B base nutes, then after week 1 bigbud and hammerhead then overdrive so lets see how it goes lol
the ice is currently drying im guessing about 5ozish so i'm happy with that
the bottle in pic is 2lire coke bottle try to give you some idea of size
looks perfect.. very healthy baby man.. well done it should be sweet cheese.. I just had some cheese last night at green house ic cup that was flushed for the last 3 weeks 9 week flower.. I must say it was the best I have ever had in Amsterdam it came from england and this guy did a banging job on it.. hope yours turns out as good
day 14 and on full strength big bud, carboload and hammer head and 3ml per litre of water canna coco looking ok i guess just have to wait and see in few weeks once it really starts to beef up
day 31 and adding following to 1 litre of water :

5ml big bud
3ml canna coco A+B
1ml carboload
2ml hammerhead
5ml sensizym

did major pruning since last pics all lower and inside that wouldn't see any light, going to keep giving these range nutes till day 49 and then switch to overdrive