Unsettling Bill Introduced In Rhode Island

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A new bill was put forward that would effectively monopolize the medical marijuana market in Rhode Island. This bill would immediately remove all caregivers and caregiver rights in favor of two for-profit cultivation facilities.

Please call your local representative and state senator and inform them on how caregivers are now helping the RI MMP.

Most caregivers supply patients without reimbursement, and many caregivers are trusted family members. There are many many reasons that this bill should not go through, I am urging as many people as possible to inform our state senators on why this is such a bad idea.

Any patient who currently gets medicine from a caregiver will no longer have access to what they need. The only alternative would be going to a compassion center, which many patients avoid for many separate reasons:
1. A patient may not be able to get specific strains from the centers
2. A patient may not physically be able to get to the compassion center, and is currently helped by a caregiver to get to the center or have medicine brought to them
3. A patient may want to keep confidentiality, and rather work with a trusted caregiver than a center
4. A patient may not be able to afford medicine from the center, and currently receives it for little to no cost from a caregiver

A bill this harsh and quick is NOT the way to solve the problems with the MMP and will just make matters much much worse for patients, law enforcement, senators, judges, and anybody else involved.

Please make a phone call to the right senator, and properly inform them of why this is a bad bill. Please do not be angry at the person you are calling, they did not write this bill. Please know that most of this is due to ignorance and not to malice. INFORM your senator, do not attack them.

To find your senator enter your address here: https://sos.ri.gov/vic/

I rushed writing this, but need to get the awareness out there. Please let me know if I can fix any misinformation here or if you want me to add to this post.

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