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Evening fellow farmers. So I was wondering, should I increase my room temp. Just to give you an idea, I have been running a consistent temp of 19 to 21 degrees Celsius. A Humidity level of 65- 75 percent. I'm sure Indicas prefer slightly cooler temps with higher humidity levels than your Sativa strains? I have posted a pic for everyone to enjoy. Let me know if I should do weekly updates on the grow. I'm no pro just yet but always fun to watch the ladies grow. Ps : I have just watered and misted as they where trained this morning.

Feed back on temp will be greatly appreciated. Bless!
Jack og

Jack og

Weekly updates will be epic.
Temp wise , in veg, I run about 88-95 dgF at 60-75% humidity.
Lights at 18hrs,
Lights off I don’t worry too much about temp but ensure the humidity is constant.
Into flower I run 85dgF lights on, humidity 50-65%
lights off I drop thr humidity to 45-50%, temps to 60-65dgF first 4 weeks, and I lower the temps lights off 2 degrees daily till I’m at 48-55dgf. Indica usually I run cooler then sativa lights on, about a 10dgf cooler
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