Update, toofless alien at day 35 & unknown auto transplanted into miricle grow.

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Took 2 sets of fans off alien to get branches into light, an f2 plant a bit of uneven branch growth but just keeps chugging along, yea this is not sweet tooth looks like a larger version of toof decay, barnys farm sweet tooth germanated but did not pop had in little pot bc thought i had more dirt, then found random seed on table so put that in little pot and went to buy ffof but were out due to flu, had no choice but to buy miricle grow organic, must let plant completely dry bc everytime you water you feed, not only that i broke rule #1 & transplanted, plant is not doing bad considering but I'll be darned if i know what it is exept an autoflower, de earthed bag of miricle grow bc it often contains pests, allso flushed medium to try and get rid of food and sodium the idiots put in mix, plants now wanting water sooner, both plants female and in pre flower, good health good ph, have not touched unknown plant bc does not need it, fans on alien are biger than my hand so took off 2 sets did not mind, smaller unkown plant is 10 days behind.
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