UPDATE: You guys helped salvage my plants

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You guys have been awesome in helping me along this new path of growing. I'm a first time grower had very limited space and very limited time (in process of buying a home).
Long story short, I basically drowned my seeds after germination in week one. Then I decided to get my plants as close too the light as I could to dry them out (dumbass lol) and to get more light. So I finally started to see new growth and decided to give them some nutrients lol. Why not go out for a bang. So yes in 2 weeks I overwatered, pit them WAY to close to the light and fed them WAY to early. So now I see that pattern that I Rea about with beginners mistakes. I made them all!!!
Well 2.5 week ago I found the "sweet spot" for my lights and fans by you alls reccomendations, got my PH to 6.5 and now about to start a light feeding. 2 weeks ago u made the decision to top my plants and it payed off. 2 more new main shoots off the top. 3 days ago I trimmed some leaves and performed L.ST with zip ties and the plants have responded very well. I even had to add 2 more today.
Here is what the plants look like today. Just giving this as a sign of hope that even when you fuck up, things can turn around

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