Upping sticks

I live in England & i am planning on upping sticks & moving to Amsterdam. I`m just after any advise from anyone who has done the same on where to find a cheap place to live, where to find a job etc. I plan to go just as soon as i hit the £5000 figure in my bank.
Ask logic. I think he has friends there that run apartments. I went in 08' and it was great but i dont know if you can just move there i dont know how the citizenship works there. Check that out first. And it probably wouldnt hurt for you to look into finding a job there before you move.
TBL here some place to look into bro. I have a smokers guide to amsterdam from the 08'
cannabis cup, so i dont know if some of the places are still open; But their different places for long term housing.
Amsterdam Housing--Slingerbeekstraat 29
Tel: 020.671.72.66

Accommodation Agency--Singel 402
Tel: 020.422.30.20 Web:www.acc-home-agency.nl

Apartment Services--Waalstraat 58
Tel:020.672.18.40 Web:www.apartmentservices.nl

Ideal Home--Bethovenstraat 81
Tel: 020.670.23.93 Email: [email protected]

Gis Apartments--Prinsengracht 201
Tel:020.625.00.71 Web:www.gis-apartments.nl

Students for Students--Ceintuurbaan 316
Tel:020.618.90.17 Web:www.studentsforstudents.nl

Hopefully one or all of these help you get where you want to be.
Hello mate,so did you go yet or are you still in U.k. I`m also from up north and been living in holland 14 years,I`ll help you out with some advice if you still need it.
Being in the EU means you can work out there just like any Dutch person, of course if you dont speak Dutch they might hold that against you in an interview.