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Hey all, im starting to feel like a noob all over again. Im perplexed as to what exactly i should be doing, so here's the story:
12 white widows in 5 gallon buckets, connected to the hydrofarm active aqua 7 gallon controller with a 55 gallon reservoir. I grow in hydroton and i use a venturi pump in my res to aerate/circulate my water, no air stones and water stays at a constant 68°F.

Initially, i was feeding at 900ppm with 5.5 - 5.8 pH and the plants were showing signs of a magnesium deficiency, so i added 1 gram per gallon of epsom salt. Things werent really improving and it was about time for a res change but there was a plumbing issue and i couldnt change or top up for 3 weeks, almost 4. By the time i could change my res it had climbed to almost 1600ppm and they were absolutely getting excessive amounts of phosphorus and probably a little too much potassium from all the pH up i had to keep adding.

so i dumped my res and refilled with plain RO water and ran 3 flood/drain cycles to rinse the roots, dumped the res and refilled but this time i added fresh nutes. 80 grams epsom salt into 50 gallons RO water (ppm raised from 0 to 200) and then i mixed my nutes (GH flora series) in a 2 gallon jug, added 7.5mls/gal micro, 2.5mls/gal gro, 12mls/gal bloom, 5mls/gal liquid koolbloom and then i slowly poured this jug into my res until it was at 650ppm, then i added dry koolbloom to bring it up to 750ppm. 5.9pH

I just made this new res 2 days ago (thurs may 6) and so far the girls have started growing new white stigmas like little fluffy white balls and it looks like they're trying to flower again. They started having problems in week 3 and got worse in week 4 and 5 of flower and then the plumbing problems brings us to now, which should be week 9 for them but it legit looks like they are picking up where they left off in week 4. it looks like if i leave them alone they could still flower for another 6 weeks and actually give me some decent nugs. I flood once when the lights turn on and then again every 3 hours until lights out. my system takes 11 minutes to flood all the buckets, stays flooded for 2.5 minutes and then drains.

I have been growing for a whileand these white widows in particular i grew last cycle. i then monster cropped a clone and turned it into a mom. my buckets are filled with her clones and then the mom went to go play outside 😂. im not new to hydro but i am new to this modular bucket system. 9 are flowering under a 1000W HPS @ 22-24inches and 3 are under a mars tsw2000 @ 8 inches. Ive attached a few pics of the progression of things and i would really like some imput from the community. Please dont ridicule me too harshly 😂. Usually when one thing goes wrong other things go with it, im sure you guys know this already. I fucked my back (technically its already really fucked, i just did something to make it extra angry. Like my back was furious with me for some reason) and i couldnt leave the house at the same time we had the plumbing repairs, so no running water and i couldnt go out to buy more water. For 3 fucking weeks. Anyways yeah, everything is fixed now (except my back) but the plants still look kinda sickly. There are a few very small leaves poking out in the middle stigma/bract clusters and they look a little healthier without the burt tip/perimeter but they look more like mint leaves almost like a monter cropped clone. It really looks like it went up to week 5 of flower, went back into veg during the 3-4 weeks of excessively high nutes and now that they were rinsed and given new nutes, it looks like they're going back to flowering, picking up where they left off. Otherwise, ive never know white widow to STILL be growing new fluffy white hair balls in the middle of week 9. I think its an immobile nutrient issue as it seems to be affecting primarily the tops. Some leaves are very dark green and look like they didnt elongate but they grew fat. They are wide and very shortened and the tips curl downward and split at the end. Other leaves look like P toxicity to me except they are dark green in the middle and near the stem. A couple plants also had purple streaks up the main stalks and purple lateral branches but since changing my res, the purple seems to be slowly going away.

Im not used to dealing with shit like this and i feel like a noob all over again 😂 but there seems to be several things going on here and i wanted to see what the farm thinks before i poison them for the 2nd time. Thanks all.
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