Using Feminised plants for further breeding?

if the s1 male came from a s1 female then it would still be XX could the kids be male? can you get a male form selfing a plant or only females? technically when you self a plant your using a s1 male no?
If the plant was XX, it would be a female. It couldn't be a male because it doesn't have a Y chromosome. Males are XY, females are XX.


i actually asked swerve about this, and he said if the plant from a s1 that is a true female can be used for breeding.
This is my take on it:

Breeders use gibberellic acid to induce a female plant to produce male reproductive structures. Gibberellins alter gene transcription and relieve inhibition of genes that code for male reproductive structures. Gibberellins to my knowledge do not directly modify the genome therefore there are no heritable changes being created by the gibberellic acid, so the pollen produced by feminized plants is not going to inherit any modified tendency to hermaphrodite as a result of gibberellic acid. The only thing that I could think would make it possible for a feminized seed to have a higher tendency to hermaphrodite is if there is some sort of epigenetic modification caused by gibberellic acid.

If the results are showing that hermaphrodite plants are truly occurring at a higher frequency in feminized gene pools, then I would suppose that sex determination is more complicated than just a classic XY system or that some sort of heritable epigenetic modification may be caused by gibberellins. Until someone can cough up some raw data that shows that the tendency to hermaphrodite is indeed tied to feminization, I would believe that this isn't the case and that the people's aversion to feminized seeds is based on anecdote.

In some of the "reported" cases, I suspect that the tendency to hermaphrodite already existed in the lines prior to feminization and that the feminization has nothing to do with the plants herming. If someone can grow a feminized line side by side with the same line feminized, then maybe some patterns can be observed/compared.
My belief is based on simple mathematical probabilities. Assuming that the parents of the fem were both true females and the parents of the male are true male and true female, The likelyhood of a genetically predetermined hermie is exactyly zero percent. This doesn't take into account the possibility of "gender confusion" from having three grandmother, which I imagine is not a factor in horticulture. This brings my calculation to zero percent chance of hermie. I would further speculate that the probability of 75% female seeds and 25% male is a real possibility. I'll be able to answer this question with real life test results within about 6 weeks since the parents of my new seeds are of the type in question thus making my seeds a worthy test specimine group. I hope that my efforts to make myself sound more educated than I am didn't cause anyone to see me as a fool. Education as a product of living and learning is still education. I thought my breeding options through and decided on a Flash Seeds Stardust auto male and a Barney's Farm 8-Ball Kush photoperiod feminized. The product should be a mix of auto and photo and maybe some faster than normal photo. The latter would most likely yield less if they occur. I hope I'll be reporting results back here. Another expectation is a slightly streachier plant than the 8-Ball Kush that is more tolerant to humidity.
I,v seen loads of hybrids that have plants that came from fem seeds.og rascals white fire probably being the best example.theres loads of strains with ogr WiFi in the mix some were.not only that but they'r supposed to be good.
Has anyone here ever bought fem seeds from a respected seed bank and had a herm show up? I sure haven't.

Why WOULDN'T you use fems to breed with fems?

"Prepare a 0.1 M Sodium Thiosulfate (STS) stock solution by dissolving 1.58 g of Sodium Thiosulfate (Product No. S7026) into 100 ml of water. Prepare a 0.1 M Silver Nitrate stock solution by dissolving 1.7 g of Silver Nitrate (Product No. S7276) into 100 ml of water. Store the stock solutions in the dark until needed to prepare the STS.
In general, the STS is prepared with a molar ratio between silver and thiosulfate of 1:4, respectively. Nearly all of the silver present in the solution is in the form of
[Ag(S2O3)2]3-, the active complex for ethylene effect inhibition.
Prepare a 0.02 M STS by slowly pouring 20 ml of 0.1 M silver nitrate stock solution into 80 ml of 0.1 M sodium thiosulfate stock solution. The STS can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. However, preparation of the STS just prior to use is recommended."

It's cheap, easy and 100% effective 100% of the time.

Guarantees fem seeds. Unless you want to introduce new traits to your offspring, males aren't needed.
Okay, so I have my 1st mature cross between Flash Seeds male Stardust and Barney's Farm fem 8-Ball Kush. I only grew 1 and it is female and is budding. Just barely but the Pakistan Valley next to her is about the same amount along and similar in height but bulkier.