Using Landrace Strains To Make Hash

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Hey farm, I wanted to discuss making hash using landrace strains. in specific hashplant landrace strains. The idea is if you have a true bred landrace strain there should be uniformity throughout all the plants, terpene profiles and such. you want to make the hash using all the plants in combination. this is the way to get the most out of landrace strains, must be a hash plant tho. This is how to make truly medicinal hash. you have to look at cannabis in its natural environment once established and familiarized with its environment the response to the environment is what gives each marijuana field it's characteristics and this becomes genetic code for the next generation. The plants are meant to operate as 1 a unit. You want to make your hash using all those plants. if you had an indoor 10 plant from seed landrace hash plant and you make hash from that, it will be some really amazing stuff.
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