Utilitarian (and cheap!) Soluble Powder Fertilizer Schedule

My day job has always revolved around fertilizer in one way or another. I particularly like the Hammerhead/MOAB combo here at THCF. A customer asked me for the most inexpensive utilitarian fertilizer lineup for cannabis.

There's only 4 soluble powder ingredients here: Oasis 16-4-17 as a base fertilizer, MKP (Or MOAB), Hammerhead as bloom boosters and Potassium Sulfate to flush. Pretty simple, huh?

Here's what I came up with.

Veg- 2 tbs. Oasis 16-4-17/5 gallons h20
Wk. 1 flower- 2 tbs. Oasis 16-4-17, 1/2 tsp. MKP (Or MOAB if you prefer)/5 gallons h20
Wk. 2-5 flower- 2 tbs. Oasis 16-4-17, 1 tsp. Hammerhead/5 gallons h20
Wk. 6 flower- 2 tbs. Oasis 16-4-17, 1 tsp. MKP (Or MOAB)/5 gallons h20
Wk. 7 early flower- 1 tbs. Oasis 16-4-17
Wk. 7 late flower until done- 1 tsp. SOP (potassium sulfate)/5 gallons h20

Always adjust base nutes based on plant needs and medium. Extend week 7 early to prevent fade with longer flower strains