Vanilla Kush And Personal Strain Quantum Board- Scrog 4x4 Tent

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Just dropped these girls into my flower tent. Dropped the ScrOG on them and started the spread. Wanted to post a video and so I figured I start this post with a short walk around.

Running 9 qb132 at 60w each currently. Soil grown, transplanted twice, vegged around 120 days. Started from clones that I started from seed. This is my second run with these two strains under This setup and I am thinking of doing some small feeding changes. Want to increase the terp production. I already do botanicares raw sweet and hydroplex, along with their cal-mag, silica blast, liquid karma and pure blend grow. I also use nectar of the gods liquid bone meal and love it. When I run out of my major components I am thinking of trying nectars full line. I have always had great results with botanicares products but new ownership bothers me. I had run fox farm way back but I consider that basically junk. Lots of new stuff on the market, what’s working for you?

I did take 8 cuttings of the vanilla kush and threw them in the home made cloner. I had one feminized seed gifted to me years ago. It popped and stands as some of the best I have grown. Couldn’t stand to see it go. Hope to throw up another tent and take my try at making feminized seeds. I have done a bit of breeding outdoors over the years but never played scientist and played with the pheromones or whatever. I’ll start another thread when that happens as I may also cross it with the critical white (critical cheese x white widow) from g13 labs I have started as well. At this point having feminized seeds of specific strains I love means I can grow others and come back to some that otherwise are gone. And I don’t care the variation in seed is always big. Only clones can be sure to be like the last harvest. My starting post would have been much shorter with less rambling if the video didn’t take forever to upload Hahahahah

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I really like that Vanilla Kush. Did you buy that recently? If so, what seed bank?

Back in 2004ish I was growing out the Vanilla Kush and it was fantastic!


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Veg tent is around 4-6 inches. Running around 330w currently (that’s from the wall direct to panels) in 4x5 footprint. Ignore the multiple deficiencies these guys are just getting over. Got the worst batch of soil from fox farm. Never had anything like it. Did a transplant and everything went funky fast, took a couple weeks to get over it...



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