Variety With Strong Pepper Flavor?

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I was curious if there are any varieties around now that have a strong pepper flavor? No sweet or fruity with it, just pepper.

I remember something I liked back in the 90's that had this flavor and I can't say I've seen it since. So, I would also be curious what it could have possibly been back then? Thinking maybe a skunk pheno....not sure.

But this around?


Old school jack herrer has a strong pepper taste dont know if that pheno is still around here in socal.
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Northern lights phenos
Hindu kush and maybe some afghan phenos..

I'd go with herijuana, I got a lot of earthy/peppery phenos out of the work I did with it.

Stardawg produces some real garlicky smelling phenos that might come across peppery as well.


in the mid 90s I had a strain out of washington state called B1 - didnt have peppery undertones (was actually kind of sweet) at all but if you chewed fresh stems (which I tend to do when Im trimming) they were burn your mouth hot

my buddy was helping me trim and I told him to try it (knowing he doesnt like spicy stuff)

he to this day will swear up and down I had dipped them in some kind of hot sauce to fuck with him

I miss that shit - anybody every hear of it?>heres a page from high times mag that shows it as grown by trichome tech



thanks for all the suggestions guys!!

One other characteristic I always noticed to come "hand in hand" with that pepper flavor was a creeper effect. I saw the same stuff pop up over a couple years, not connected to each other and it was always a real strong creeper. I've never had what I would call a creeper that did not have this pepper flavor.

So, back then, I had just associated creeper with that pepper. Is there any chance that any of those listed above (or others) are known to be creeper too?


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i used to get something called spanish haze around the ny/ct area around 2001/2002... best peppery smelling bud i ever had... darker pointy buds coated in trichs.. only other thing we would get that was kinda close to it was the kali mist... but she was a tiny bit sweeter ... those memories are the only thing that make me want to sift through tons of crappy haze phenos to find it..
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