Various Issues, Day 46 Veg First Grow

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Here is all the general info on the plants

  • Germinated on 16th of April.
  • Sprouted out of coco on 20th of April.
  • In 100% Canna Coco Coir, which I did nothing to, just put it straight in the pot then planted the germinated seed.
  • Planted in 5 gallon smart pots since seedling.
  • 4x4 Tent.
  • Under a 480W Quantum Board at about 26 inches away, I dimmed it to about 30 or 40% because the two plants in the back were getting all messed up and I am trying everything to fix it.
  • RH is currently 55% - 60% 24 hours a day, I just got a dehumidifier last week, before that the RH in the tent was 70 - 80%.
  • Lights on temps are between 18 - 21 and lights off temps are 16 - 17 usually, once it got down to 15.
  • They're on Emerald Harvest 3 part nutrients at full strength for late veg, according to their feeding chart.
  • They have been getting fluctuating amounts of CalMag with every watering, lately it has been 4 or 5 ml/gallon every watering.
I have 4 plants in a 4x4 tent, 2 GELAT.OG's and 2 Gorilla Glues, 46 days since they sprouted. I put a SCROG net in last week and have since been training the largest one and pushing it down through the squares everyday to make it grow wider. They are watered daily and each receive about a liter of water, and I always put nutes in their water, usually at full strength. I also add CalMag at every watering because they have shown signs of deficiencies, not super bad but I think they are there. PPM is around 750. I also always pH the water between 5.8 and 6.3, usually around 5.8 but I recently read that I should do above 6 so they absorb the CalMag. I always water till I get a little bit of run off.

Anyway they are growing somewhat quickly and are surviving, the one in the bottom left is growing really short and stacking the nodes super close, and they have got all sorts of issues now. They were also topped a couple weeks ago once they were at their 5th or 6th node, but I was wondering if it is too late to top again because they are close to the net (one coming through). The 2 in the back were growing really yellow at the top and were twisting really badly before, and the leaves were folding in, cause it was starting from the top I thought it was light burn, so I raised the light a bit and dimmed it, and they seem a bit better but are still not great and now are showing different issues. Here are some photos.


2 in the front are GELAT.OG
2 in the back are Gorilla Glue

The bottom left one is growing really short and bushy, with side branches covering the new tops after topping.

The bottom right one's lower leaves are now showing some weird border, any thoughts on what could be causing this would be appreciated too. Here is a photo.

I actually just removed the leaves from the second picture from every plant because they were just sitting on the coco and would end up soaked every time I water.

The back plants (Gorilla Glue from Yantra Seeds) have a lot of weird issues too, here is a bunch of photos of various parts of the plants that I think something is not right about.



I have soil pH meter that I move between the plants to check on them and they're basically all always around 6.

I also have been occasionally checking the PPM's of the run-off and it's consistently about half the PPM of my nutrient mix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and was wondering all how long you guys think till I should flip to flower, they've all been topped once but only one of them has hit the net so far.

Much thanks! I'll answer any questions


Issues on the lower leaf edges show in the first couple pics is getting worse...
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