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Ok guys, so I am an experienced grower having my own grows ranging from basement to 100 lighters. However, I switched to V+B for this new spot after much hype from a good friend who also works @ the hydro store (fuckin hydro store guy). Veg phase started off strong! and it was all down hill from there.
I framed out my new facility / hermetically sealed it / full environmental controls and popped beans. Beans are Skywalker OG & OG #18 from Reserva privada (spelling) and the better looking plants at the back of the room are from Mad Scientist genetics (breeders of wedding cake) LA confidential crosses so they can eat . I started from Seed as well as having a soil homogenizer so im pretty sure its not a pest issue. Cannabis was never grown here prior / the coco was heated to 180 degrees for 3 hours plus prior to use.

The Scenario So far
My girls started looking like a sprite bottle pretty much after transplant into smart pots from the Solo cups i started them in, LIMED OUT. They progressed from that to the worst Magnesium / Cal def I have ever seen in my life. Here is where it gets tricky, I began using Heavy 16 foliar to sup the cal (momentarily relief provided after each dose). After seeming obviously deficient, I gave them a recommend feeding @ 4g per gallon of base after .3 EC with calmag. I believe this put me at about .8 -1 EC, the plants were as large as the last photo (those are 5 Gallon smarts so 6.8 gallon of coco). Next day BURN crispy tips the whole 9, you can see the frilled leaves in the last pic if you zoom in a bit. After this feed has dried enough to water I hit it with a 300PPM feed and the initial runoff is @ 6.4 ph and 800 PPM and dropped(shouldnt have caused burn right?) this was probably the best the plants have looked, it was a flush dose of water so I allowed the plants 48-56 hours to dry. As they dried they began looking deficient AGAIN, so I gave a feed @ 1 EC and suprise suprise yellow tipped new growth and a persistent sprite bottle tone. I seem to be battling a persistent deficient / overfed loop, and i need help from the forum Gods.

I have heard from Cap himself on an old thread, that when using dialed in rooms with full spectrum such as LEC or whitelight LED that CAL MAG defs show heavy because of increased plant uptake. Could this be the issue here? I wasnt thinking lighting is the issue, but im not overlooking any aspect.

The Pivot

Im confident with some guidance I will have this thing back on track, I sunk the investment of buying the entire line through flower >.< AT startup so funds to switch back to my old line arent there currently. Prior experience is predominately with Roots organics Soul Synthetic line (Chelated liquid organic synth combo) on a feed water water cycle.

Do i swap the botanicare for the intended cal mag Stackswell? I need some guys with experience to chime in here.

(I posted this under coco growing originally, i apologize as this is a nutrient issue not a coco specific issue)

Growing in:
Tupur 3 & 5 gallon smartpots

315 LEC Sun systems bottom rack x3 , Nanolux top rack x3

Feed in order:
botanicare Cal mag- take it to .2-.3 EC
Veg Bloom Base- (Fed @ 75% recommended dose to start)
Life- 1/2 suggested strength
PH- Feeding between 6.0-6.2

This is the best they have looked (The White on leaves is OG bio war foliar tea)

At this point i felt like I was feeding to light (75% recommended dose)

A closer up of other plants at the same phase, you can see the def looks CRAZY on them

This is after I did a full recommended dose feeding (showed immediate burning) let it dry and then fed @ 300 PPM. Probably the best they have looked (for me this is shitty as fuck).
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