Very Frustrating Stuff going on out there.

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Just a few thoughts for everyone to ponder.
It's very frustrating to read through these threads day after day and see the same major problem: LAZINESS.
I understand there are lot's of new growers, especially with legalization in so many states. But it drives me nuts when I see people put time, effort, energy, and $$ into setting up your gardens, yet it seems like not enough are doing the proper homework in learning the basics about growing healthy plants.
The basics are pertinent to ALL types of plants, and there is no shortage of info out there, not to mention all the good knowledge of cannabis growing in the last 20 years. If you want to grow good, healthy plants, do your homework long before you plant a bean.
For all the new growers out there, you should also be learning with flowers, tomatoes, vegetables of all kinds in pots and beds. Learn how to container grow all types of things. How to keep plants productive and healthy.
I can save a bunch of you lots of wondering and tell you, walk before you try to run, or you will fall flat on your face. You can grow pounds, but not until you have the skills. One of the worst things that can happen to a new grower is get lucky with a fantastic grow your first time out. Then you think this is easy. Indoor growing is anything but easy. It's all about little details. And even experienced growers fuck up now and then. If you can, find a mentor that can actually show you some of the skills you need. I know that's part of why this site is here. But in person is best if you can find someone. If not, it's going to be a lot harder.
The other thing you need to know going in: You will kill plants. I always say, you're not a real grower till you done some killing.
I know a few of you nice folks might think I'm being harsh or mean. Not at all. I just cry for all those cute little babies out there being tortured and killed.
I try to read new stuff all the time. I don't know it all, keep learning new shit every grow.
And I been working on it since 1979.
Peace all,
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